How to pair a Bluetooth device with an iPhone?

When people are working in the remote area and there is no access to internet, they need an alternative way to exchange data. For that, Bluetooth is the best media to transfer data without cable from your iPhone. Moreover, it’s the most popular device in the present era.

By using your iPhone, you may connect several Bluetooth enabled device. For example, TV, laptop, printer, speaker, and so on. So, to do this simple task, you need to know how to pair a Bluetooth device with an iPhone.

Bluetooth device with an iPhone

Step 1: Keep your iPhone and Bluetooth device under specific range

First, bring the two devices near each other to active correctly. There is a particular range for Bluetooth working capability area. So, you should maintain the general rules, when you pair your iPhone with other Bluetooth devices.


  • Do not move very far more than thirty feet.
  • Check the Bluetooth capability.

Steps 2: Switch on your Bluetooth device

At this stage, you need to switch on your iPhone before pairing with other Bluetooth devices. It comes on automatically. If it doesn't work, you need to consider setting manually. Next, check the option carefully. Besides,you must power on the Bluetooth device in the same way. Then, you might search for connection.


  • Need to charge your Bluetooth device 100%.
  • Not possible to pair if the device power is off.

Steps 3: Consider the device in pairing mode

Most of the Bluetooth device pairing mode work automatically. But, in some case, you will need to search for the option to create the device-detectable.


  • Remember that it takes particular range for pairing.
  • Don’t set by hand if it works automatically.

Steps 4: Unlock your iPhone and open setting app

You must open or unfold your iPhone to get into the setting. For this option, it will ask for your fingerprint or four digits PIN and press the home button. Next, the configuration app will show a cog like gray icon on the screen. Now, tap it to open.


  • Require correct password or fingerprint.

Steps 5: Select the Bluetooth in the setting

After opening the configuration app, you will find a list. Such as Bluetooth, airplane mode, Wi-Fi, and cellular. Now, you should press the Bluetooth option to navigate to the following page. Then, you can have access to the Bluetooth setting.


  • Remember that Bluetooth option always shows at the top of the list.
  • Don’t try for any shortcut.

Steps 6: Fastening on your iPhone Bluetooth technology

On the following page of Bluetooth setting, you will see a slider. After that, you will need to slide to turn on Bluetooth. And its background will show green. Finally, a message will show after the turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone monitor. So, now you know how to pair a Bluetooth device with an iPhone.


  • Slide the dot on the right side.
  • Keep an eye to the setting

Steps 7: Search your device under the List-Devices

Once your connection is ok, your iPhone will search for nearby Bluetooth device. It will show a Bluetooth enabled devices. Now you can locate yours populate device by name or model. Thus, you can connect your iPhone with other devices.


  • Be sure about your preferable device.
  • Do not connect unknown devices.

Steps 8: Pair your iPhone with Bluetooth device and keep it within range

Now you may go to the instrument list. You can find here your available equipment list. At the first time, it may require a password for acceptance. For this reason, you can use general passcode like 0000, 1111, 1234. If it doesn’t work, you need to see the user guideline. Once your pair is accepted, it will begin to work. But, for the continuous work you should maintain its range strictly. In this way, you should follow the steps on how to pair a Bluetooth device with an iPhone.


  • No need pairing again with your device for the future task.
  • Pairing happens automatically.

Final Verdict

Bluetooth can create a wireless environment. But it depends on what version of iOS you are using. But, the primary system of pairing is similar. I hope, now you got how to pair a Bluetooth device with an iPhone.


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