How To Pair Bluetooth Headphones Or Earbuds? Play Unlimited Music

Bluetooth earbuds or headphones are very basic embellishment nowadays. By using a Bluetooth earbud, you can receive a phone call or make a call easily without touching it. This feature makes them super helpful for using them while driving a car, moreover during the morning exercise. So far your device has the capability to support Bluetooth service; you can pair it safely with your Bluetooth headset or earbuds.

Connecting a cell phone or any other electronic gadget to a Bluetooth headphone is quite similar. You can simply join them following a few easy steps. So, let’s learn how to pair Bluetooth earbuds and headphones.

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Pair Bluetooth Headphones Or Earbuds

Set up your Bluetooth headphones or earbuds

Step 1 –

At first, you need to prepare your Bluetooth headphone. Charge the headset before you start using it. Also, charge your mobile phone. If the two gadgets are in full charge, there won’t be any interruption while pairing them due to low battery. 

Step 2 –

Now you should enable the pairing mode on your headphone. The procedure is comparatively the same for all Bluetooth earbuds. However, due to the variations in models or manufacturer, there may be some slight changes.

For all headphones, in the beginning, you’ve to power off the headset. Then, squeeze and hold the button you often press for receiving a call for two or three minutes. Initially, you’ll see a light to blink which indicates that the Bluetooth unit is on in your headphone. Hold the catch button for a couple of moments. Then, after a few moments, you’ll see the LED blinking in a different color, usually red-blue. These squinting lights detect that your headphone is in matching mode.

However, some headphones come with a sliding switch to on/off it. So, when you want to connect it with your device, slide it to the ‘on’ direction and then press the mulita-work catch.

Step 3 –

Now, place your Bluetooth gadget near your headphone. It’s essential to keep them close for pairing them. Try to keep both of the gadgets within 1.5 m of each other for getting the best outcomes.

Set up your Bluetooth device

Step 1 –

Connecting a Bluetooth headset to another Bluetooth empowered gadget is quite similar. First of all, charge your Bluetooth gadgets such as your phone or laptop or other devices. Bluetooth can deplete all the charge on your phone’s battery. So, you should begin with a full charge on your device.

Step 2 –

Enable the Bluetooth on your laptop or phone. Go to the ‘Bluetooth’ menu on your device and you’re good to go.

When you are using an iPhone, touch the ‘settings’ symbol and search for the ‘Bluetooth’ menu. If you find it, then you can be sure that your phone has the Bluetooth capability. You’ll see the ‘off’ symbol beside the Bluetooth menu, hold there and turn on the Bluetooth service.

If you’re an Android user, you can simply find the Bluetooth tapping the settings sign. The word ‘Bluetooth’ on your phone means that the phone is Bluetooth- competent. Tap the word and switch on the Bluetooth option.

For window phone users, the procedure to enable the Bluetooth option is almost the same as the androids. Go to the ‘settings’ app and find the Bluetooth image and on it.

Again, if you don’t use a smartphone that has Bluetooth capability, you’ve to explore your gadget’s settings. Search for Bluetooth option and once you find it, turn it on.

Step 3 –

Once you turn on the Bluetooth option on your phone, scan it to find your Bluetooth earbuds. After completing the search, it will show a number of Bluetooth devices on the screen with which you can join your mobile. Tap over the sign of your Bluetooth headphone and connect it to your computer or cell phone.

However, despite turning on the Bluetooth on your phone, if you don’t find your Bluetooth headset then the pairing mode of it might have been canceled somehow. In that case, restart your earbuds again and pair it one more time.

Step 4 –

When you see the sign of your headphone in the list of Bluetooth gadgets, tap it and connect it. Give a pin number, then snap ‘pair’. Now, you’re ready to enjoy the Bluetooth service. Make a hand free phone call without even touching it.

Pairing a Bluetooth headphone or an earbud to another Bluetooth-enable gadget is very easy. Such Bluetooth connections allow you from bothering about the unnecessary and long wires. Read through the article and then try it on your own.

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