How to Pair Bluetooth to Car? Enjoy Music Wheel Driving Car

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that can set up a secure network system for short-distance devices: such as your cell phone and your car. This technology can support a variety of devices and set up it is very easy.

Usually, people spend most of their time on the street. If you’re also such busy people, you can add the Bluetooth system to the media system of your car to make your busy hours fun.

See the steps below to learn how to pair Bluetooth to the car.

How to pair Bluetooth to the car: Step by step guidelines

pair Bluetooth to the car

Method 1: Pair Bluetooth to your car with a Bluetooth headset

Step 1-

Buy a headset that has a Bluetooth highlight. Nowadays the latest car technologies come with a Bluetooth head unit installed already. If your car doesn’t have this kind of feature, you can purchase such a head unit with from any local auto parts shop.

Step 2-

Now add the head unit to your car’s multimedia system. Bluetooth headsets are designed like the other head units. To pair it, replace it with your car’s current radio and remove all the cables behind it. Then, install the new head unit following the similar cable diagram. However, check the manual instruction of your new headset and join the cables to this new set. Then, slide all the wires back to the head unit cove.

It will be better if you install it by the store from where you bought it. If you purchase it from any local store, the installation cost should be included with the price you paid.

Step 3-

Now join your device on which you can enable Bluetooth service with the new head unit. All the headset systems often have easy access to catch on their board. So, by pressing the button you can connect your device like a mobile phone or stereo instantly with the car’s media system.

Method 2: Use a receiver to pair Bluetooth to car

Step 1-

Besides, you may pair Bluetooth to your car using a receiver. If you do not like to change your car’s current head unit, you can use a Bluetooth receiver with it. Such wireless receivers are available almost at every electronics and computer shops. Also, you may purchase them from online stores. Usually, the price of the Bluetooth receivers is usually 25$ to 30$.

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Step 2-

Connecting the Bluetooth receivers are very simple. You will require a 3.5 mm sound link which has two male closures similar to the ones toward the finish side of your regular headphones. The cable should come with the receiver you’ve purchased. Simply plug in one closure of the audio link to the wireless receiver and join the other one to the radio’s sound jack port. Then, you’re ready to go.

Before you begin, check carefully whether the head unit of your car has the element to run the 3.5 mm sound info port or not. If your car’s radio system doesn’t have this facility, you can’t be able to connect the receiver.

Step 3-

Finally, it’s time to connect the Bluetooth receiver to your Bluetooth device. Click the power catch to switch on the receiver. Also, your Bluetooth empowered gadget should have the capacity to identify your receiver signal and interface with it. Then, you can receive the calls on your phone or begin to play music in your MP3 set.

Method 3: Utilize a Bluetooth auto kit.

Step 1-

If you can’t connect the Bluetooth receiver to your car’s media unit, you can utilize a Bluetooth auto pack always. Buy a car kit with Bluetooth features. You can buy one from the online stores or from any local electronic stores. Such an auto pack will usually cost you about 50$.

Step 2-

Module your auto kit. A car pack can work well individually, dissimilar to Bluetooth receivers. Simply, plug in it with your auto’s power source. Or, if the kit comes accompanies with batteries, you may easily cut it on the windshield visor.

Step 3-

Lastly, associate your Bluetooth gadget to your Bluetooth auto unit. Switch on the power button of the car kit. Also, enable the Bluetooth signal detecting option on your device and interface with it. And now, you’re ready to hear your favorite music while riding on your way to the office.

Final Words

Now that you know how to pair Bluetooth with a car, you can easily set up it in your car. Follow the steps discussed here. I hope, the article will be helpful to you. Pair your Bluetooth device to your car and enjoy your rides.

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