How to Upgrade Car Speakers Without AMP?

So finally, you've managed the time to upgrade your car’s audio quality. Most of the cases, it can be done by simply upgrading the sound system of the car. But again, the process isn’t that Easy as it sounds like. Especially, people who are doing it for the first time, need a not of technical study before you start doing it yourself.

As I have seen during the research of this article, there are many guides and tutorials online that explain what to do to upgrade your car’s audio system. But one common fact in all of that was- it needs to replace the amplifier to do that.

Later on, I decided to come up with a decision to provide a complete guideline to do audio upgrades without the amplifier replacement. And this article here is the visual form of my research.

Let’s not elongate the introduction. Let’s move to the deeper instructions-

Tips to Upgrade Your Car’s Audio without An Amplifier

Unlike the other how-to’s of this blog, this wouldn’t be a step-by-step guide. Rather than, this guide will be a set of accurate tips that may work to improve your sound system in the car.

Tip 1: Think About the Position of The Subwoofer

If you’re a fan of subwoofer and kept one inside the car, this tips is for you.

Think about what do you do when you expect a better sound output from the subwoofer in house? Well, most of us will say that if we keep it close to a wall, it produces some better sound.

And that is right.

So why don’t do the same for the subwoofer inside your car? Instead of just putting it somewhere in the backside of the car, think about a bit repositioning. You can try placing it in different places in the back and see which position makes the best quality sound in the car.

Tip 2: Do Some Experiments With the Crossover Position

Well, this would be quite a funny task to do.

As you know, subwoofers are strongly liable for improving the overall sound quality of a sound system. But the subwoofer isn't the only speaker at all. There are other pairs of speakers in the car and the subwoofer gets combined with them with a role of playing the low-frequency sounds perfectly.

So, what I suggest is, you can do some positioning experiments to see how the crossover of the car’s speakers and the subwoofer speaker works out. Maybe after doing a little positioning, you will find a combination of placement that would come out with an upgraded sound quality.

Tip 3: Replace the Old Connecting Wires

This is a suggestion that works well in case of most of the electronic audio systems. So, why not the car’s audio?

Well, the fact is, metal wires get decayed after a long term of use. As you’re reading this article to upgrade your car’s audio, that means you’ve been using the same sound system for quite a time.

Now, all the cables that connect the speaker to amplifier or amplifier to speaker, or even the power cables that powers up the external speakers, can be replaced. New and fresh cable connections will be out of the decayed carrier of sound signals. Which will eventually lead you to a better sound experience inside the car.

The Verdict

So far, we’ve gone through three different tips for improving the car’s audio and surprisingly none of them includes replacing the amplifier, as promised. If you do one or all of them, and be concerned about the health of the electric devices, low-quality car sound won’t be a problem anymore.

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