How to Use Bluetooth Technology?

It goes without saying, Bluetooth technology is a virtual technology. It can connect many Bluetooth enabled devices within its range with simple networks. Moreover, billions of consumer use less energy, high-speed, Bluetooth technology. It’s light and portable technology. It’s used in the mobile phone to laptop, medical technology, and even in car stereos.

Besides, Bluetooth products contain the microchip with a Bluetooth radio. That makes it easy to connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices. In one word, Bluetooth creates your personal area network. Many people know about Bluetooth, but most of them do not know how to utilize the full benefit of this technology. So, if you want to take advantage of it, you have to know how to use Bluetooth technology.

What is Bluetooth? Everything You Need To Know

Are you familiar with the word Bluetooth? Of course, you are, as it’s a common word in this digital age. If you don’t have a clear idea what is Bluetooth, then it’s an article which may help you.

Who doesn’t want to be smart and cool? Being smart is not possible without knowing technology and Bluetooth is a very common technology nowadays. So, for knowing about what is Bluetooth, keep reading the article.

What is Bluetooth?

In a word, Bluetooth is a wireless interconnection of different electronic devices. Broadly, Bluetooth refers a wireless technology of cell phones, computers, laptops, musical instruments and other electronic devices. You can also connect different gaming devices by using it. Precisely, Bluetooth exchanges data from one device to another.It’s a short range system. The range is up to 100m.

Advantages of Bluetooth

Bluetooth has several advantages. It’s an easy data transferring process among the electronic devices. They are-

  • Undoubtedly, you want a user-friendly data transferring system. In this case, Bluetooth won’t disappoint you. It is very easy to operate.
  • When you are traveling in a remote area, the internet may not work. But, you will get easy access of Bluetooth.
  • You can easily connect your device to your friend’s device by using Bluetooth.
  • You don’t need to worry about your security. You can maintain your security while using Bluetooth.
  • It is completely free of health hazards.

Working Process of Bluetooth

The Bluetooth devices use radio waves to connect devices. It doesn’t use wires or cables. A Bluetooth device has a tiny chip. This tiny chip remains with a Bluetooth radio. It makes easy to connect with the devices. First of all, you need to pair 2 devices. Communication creates the only short range. This short range is known as piconets.

People also call piconets as ad hoc networks.It is a devices’ network. Besides, it connects using Bluetooth technology. After establishing the network, one device acts as a master device and the other devices play as its subordinate.

When your Bluetooth devices enter in radio proximity, piconets will establish automatically. In the case of leaving, it will follow the same process.This is the working process of Bluetooth.

How to Connect a Device with Bluetooth

So, definitely, you need to know the connection procedure of Bluetooth with a device. It is not so tough. You can connect it just follow some steps.

Step-1: Check the ability: First of all, you need to ensure yourself that your device has Bluetooth as every electronic device doesn’t have Bluetooth ability.

Step-2: Set-up: After that the setting procedure comes-

  • Turn on Bluetooth of your device.
  • Make sure the device is visible. It is mandatory for the connection.
  • You can give a name of your device. As a result, you can find the device easily.

Step-3: Establishing the Connection: Now, the connection procedure-

  • Find the document you want to share.
  • Tap the send option through Bluetooth.
  • Now, your device is searching other devices.
  • Make sure the desired device is within the range.
  • Select the device you want to connect.
  • If the device wants to pair with your device, then make it pair by using a PIN code.

After connecting the device, it will send data without any problem.  You just need to make sure that your device is within range while transferring data.


The application of Bluetooth is in a wide range. Some most useful applications are-

  • The most popular application of Bluetooth is transferring data from one mobile phone to another mobile phone.
  • Transferring data from your mobile phone to laptop.
  • You can also transfer information from a cell phone to car stereo system.
  • Moreover, you can do wireless streaming of audio headphones.
  • You can set wireless communication with Bluetooth compatible watch.
  • List Element
  • It can also create wireless communication between two Ethernet networks.


Though people use Bluetooth connection more often, it has some limitations. It can only work within a certain range of area. The modern technology can’t still remove this. But scientists are working on it.

Steps on how to use Bluetooth technology

how to use Bluetooth technology

Steps 1: Learn the function of Bluetooth

To know its use, you have to know the functional area of Bluetooth. It is a little connectivity tool. It allows more than two different devices to connect without wire. You can pair your smartphone with Bluetooth mouthpiece. It allows to you talk to others, listens to music with hands-free.

Besides, the Bluetooth devices work according to its logical path. For instance, a Bluetooth mouse does not interact with the camera. The camera is not designed to control by mouse. But, it follows particular range and speed. The greatest range and speed of a Bluetooth device are 30 feet and 24mbps. Thus, you have to get full advantage from Bluetooth technology.

Steps 2: Check Bluetooth capabilities and learn common pairing

At the very beginning, to use Bluetooth technology you must test its ability. That means you need to ensure the qualification of Bluetooth to both of your devices. If yes, you can connect your device with other devices without wire. For example, multimedia, smartphone, laptop, printer, keyboard, game controller, and speaker. So, it has single or many functional areas. But, if your devices don’t have built-in Bluetooth, you need to buy and install Bluetooth adapter for taking these virtual services.

Steps 3: Pairing your device

After checking capabilities, you must turn on both Bluetooth devices. In this process, you need one device which is discoverable and another one is searchable. Such as, if you want to connect your laptop to the printer. You need to search from your laptop to discover printer device. Pairing method follows same ground rules except in some different cases. Sometimes it varies device to device. If you get difficulties, please check your user manual or communicate with your manufacturer.

Steps 4: Enter a PIN

At the highest point of pairing, it may need a PIN code. You can use 0000, 1111, 1234, as typical PIN. Moreover, it only asks, if you pair with the device first time. Once, pairing is done, it will work automatically. For future use, you don’t need to match them again.

Steps 5: Enjoy the service

Your device screen will show pairing successful. Then, you can use the tool for your desired task. You might connect your smartphone or laptop with speaker, printer, and mouse.

Besides, you can transfer file, talk on the phone with it. You can also synchronize data, Bluetooth equipment, and security. In this way, you can enjoy the modern wireless electronic facilities. So, you must know about how to use Bluetooth technology.

Although Bluetooth technology is light and energy efficient technology, it has some defects too. First, it consumes power. If in the devices, Bluetooth is running, it’ll drain your device battery life. So it is better to turn off Bluetooth when not using.

Secondly, it has poor security compare to other Wi-Fi networks. Thirdly, it has limited and slow data transfer rate. Although it has this kind of type of discredit, Bluetooth technology is the leading wireless technology in the future. This is because, it is cheap and easy to install, free of use, convenient with other different devices and wireless.

Bluetooth technology helps its user to exchange data. You can transfer data between two or more devices within short range without any data cable. So, if you want to engage and take full advantage of it, then you must know how to use Bluetooth technology.

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