How to Use Samsung Earbuds? Helpful Information for Earbud User

The question is, how to use Samsung earbuds properly?

I know, it sucks.

It sucks really bad when those earbuds keep falling from the ears again and again, and you have to put them back on countless times.

Well, for utter hearing convenience, the earbud design evolution has come a long way. The new pattern may have solved the problem of sound quality, the shape still isn't admirable by many Samsung users.

Two designs are currently dominating this leading international electronics industry. Some earphones come with rubber ear tips that squeeze to fit in ears and some feature narrower edge for accurate adjustment. Sound delivery differs due to those distinctive shapes, the agony of earbuds constantly falling off doesn't.

There are several reasons for this problem and in order to solve them for good, you can follow these tips:

Let's focus on the most common reason first. Most people can't keep their earbuds on due to false placement. If you check, you'll see that these earbuds are labeled 'L' and 'R'. 'L' stands for left ear and 'R' stands for the right ear.

It doesn't seem like much, but the direction is sometimes responsible too. These earbuds are labeled for a purpose and this purpose doesn't stand for hearing convenience only, the shape is also slightly affected by it.

This is an interesting fact; most people's ears aren't of the same size. One ear is a little bigger than the other one, which is effected lot by these 'L' and 'R' labels.

So, instead of putting random earbud, put the right one in the right ear and the left one in the left ear. This way the placement will be more stable.

2. Are You Using the Right Tip?

Yes, another problem we often ignore, some of us aren't even aware! It's not noticeable with plain sight, but you'll see the difference when you look closely - the tip size ain't always the same!

Manufacturers do care about their customers' conveniences, and that's why different sizes are introduced. However, the difference isn't that enormous, so it's hard to detect just like that. The fact is, tips are available in different sizes. You never know, maybe your earbuds are falling repeatedly because they weren't of the right size from the beginning!

Check the tip before purchasing, if possible. It'll be hard to tell from a distance. Put a bud in one ear canal and try to fit it. If a part of the bud hurts inside a little, you'll have to go with smaller tip. By the way, too loose placement won't do either.

3. Is It Placed Inside Properly?

Sure, if your earbuds are just somehow clinging from those ear canals, they are bound to fall whenever you're jumping, running or making any general movement. This problem can be solved easily by making a simple modification. Instead of just 'putting' on earbuds, create a firm seal. When they're sealed, there's less chance of them bouncing off.

The method is simple. Take the bud and gently shove it in ear. Now, hold that earlobe with a hand and pull it a little, which will slightly expand the ear canal. Shove the tip a little more inside (obviously to a comfortable extent) and when you feel a good seal, stop pulling. The lobe and the canal will go back to their places and this will form a decent seal, tight enough to stay in place for a long time.

Make sure the seal isn't too painful.

4. Have You Tried a Clip?

Sometimes it's not the earbuds, the earphone cable can be responsible too. Yes, when the cable bounces and causes those tips to fall off. You can solve this error by making a simple adjustment.

Anchoring works as a really great solution for this problem.

If you're not being able to get a grip on the idea, remember those phones attached to the speaker's clothes with a clip? Keeping the line in a stable place with a clip is called anchoring.

Since Samsung earbuds don't feature a clip for holding, try using separate ones. You don't have to pick something fancy.

For instance, take a hair clip or clothing clip (any clip will do) and clasp the earphone line to your clothes. The cable will get anchored to the fabric and help earbuds stay in their places.

5. Why Don't You Try Wrapping It Over?

Another simple but amazing trick. You may get weird looks from people while trying it, but does it matter if your problem is solved?

Put them in your ears, as usual, you can even form a tight seal like we mentioned above. Now take the line connected to the bud and carefully (make sure that your earbuds are in their places) wrap it around the following ear. You can even hook the line using twist ties.


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