How to wire a subwoofer to a home stereo?

Nowadays you can’t find a person who doesn’t love music. In the present time music is the prime element of entertainment. So the technology for music is developing day by day. The inventors are trying to develop the music industry rapidly.

Their inventions are making this industry more attractive and effective to the music lovers. As a sequence of this inventions, the home stereo is also in the highest peak of development. You may know about subwoofer which can develop the sound quality of your home stereo system. But you may be confused about the connection process. Then you have no need to worry about this and see the article.

A home stereo system is a collection of a few number of components. The basic components of a home stereo are Speakers, Pre, Phono Pre and Integrated Amplifiers, CD Players, Music Servers, Tuners and so on. It is generally used in the home for better sound quality and for better entertainment.

Benefits of wiring a subwoofer to a home stereo

Good sound quality

If you are a music lover then you must put the highest emphasis on sound quality. In that case, a subwoofer with home stereo can fulfill your demand.

Easy operating system

You may afraid of the difficult operating system and are you finding easy operating music system? Don’t worry! A subwoofer connected to a home stereo gives you easy operating system.

Louder sound

Many people like to listen to songs with a loud sound. If you are one of them then take it which will provide you low to a very loud speaker. You will be able to get the loudness level according to your demand.

Remote control system

You may be annoyed for moving here to there to control the music system. It’s really very disturbing for anyone. But this system gives you relief because you can control it by remote control.

Cost effective

Connecting a subwoofer with a home stereo isn’t very costly. You may find it as very cost friendly and effective.

Step by step instructions on wiring a subwoofer to a home stereo

1. See the instruction of cautions

Keep in mind that cautions are always very important for every electronic device. An accident of electronic device can bring death. So you have to read the caution section for the safety of yourself and the people around you.

2. Check if the subwoofer supports the home stereo

All the good things aren’t perfect in everywhere. You have to find the right subwoofer for your home stereo. And before buying it you should check it whether it’s suitable for your home stereo or not. This checking will keep you free of time waste and suffering.

3. You have to know about the type of subwoofer

Generally, there are two types of the subwoofer in the market. One is active type also known as powered subwoofer which doesn’t need any external amplifier. It has built-in amplifier but the passive type needs an amplifier to perform perfectly. So, it is very important for you to know the type of subwoofer before connecting it to your home stereo system.

4. Bring all the instrument closer and check their conditions

Before operating any device it is very important to check their conditions. It will protect the unusual accidents which can be very dangerous. So, you should check the devices very carefully and then bring them closer for starting wiring.

5. Connect the cables

As there are so many instruments in a home stereo system so it is not so easy to connect them perfectly. In this step, you should see the connection procedure book which is provided by the subwoofer company. This book can make your work very easy and you will be very confident in your works after seeing it.

6. Place the subwoofer at right position

For better and symmetric sound quality the position of the subwoofer is very important. For doing this job you have to apply trial method. After trying some position select the right position.

7. Finish the process by checking it

Check the perfectness of your work by checking it. It is the final step and you should play some songs to see whether the connection is right or not.


For some people, you can say music is their life. To keep them alive music is as important as water for an animal. If you are one of them then I think this article helps you a lot.


Keenan the music lover and work with a music instrument last 8 years and write a lot of blogs. I make this blog for real information to the people who want to buy a music-related product and tech accessories. Writing is my passion and I am so happy that people are getting information from my blog. So thanks for visiting my lovely blog and spread this love with friend and family.

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