How to Install a Pro DJ Mixer and Speakers? Expert Guide

Installing DJ instruments means connecting a lot of confusing inputs and outputs. Do you feel the same? It’s quite common for beginners to get haphazard with so many wires, ports and color indicators. If you are facing the same problem, hopefully this article will sort that out with easy steps to install your pro DJ instrument.

Let’s get started.

How to Install a Pro DJ Mixer and Speakers Expert Guide

Connecting Process- How to Install a Pro DJ Mixer and Speakers?

The main installing part is actually connecting the DJ mixture and the speaker. To connect them accurately you need to connect the CD player or turntable whatever you have as well. Because three of the device are connected with each other in a scene. You can’t check the speaker without the audio player and can’t even try out the mixture. So, here is the full installation procedure for you.

1. Set them on a table

It’s really important to place them serially to see their ports and connecting area clearly. Choose a medium height stable table when you start installing the equipment. First, keep the mixture then place the CD player beside it and speaker after the audio player. This is the sequence you will be following while connecting them.

2. Bring out the cables

You must have got the cables when unpacking them. Each and every device must have separate cables for connecting them. Some are RCA cables and some are not. But however they are, get them out of their box and keep them separated to avoid confusion.

3. Check the colors

Your device cables must be of different colors. Actually not whole cables, just the edge of each cable. Every RCA cables have two different colors to make difference between them. Either they are black and red or red and gray. You have to connect them according to their color.

4. Recognize the input and output

Many of us get confused which one is input and which device has the output. Basically, it depends on what device you are connecting. In case of connecting any kind of audio player, you need to go for the output option and if it’s about the mixture connect to the input ports. Speakers do not have such confusion. It has only one plug to put into.

5. Connecting mixer and CD player

Take the RCA cable and connect one side to the mixture input according to the color indicator on the ports. Do the same with the other side but connect it to the CD player output option. Don't use the phone port, use other alternatives.

6. Connecting CD player and speaker

To connect the CD player with the speaker, just connect the red and white or gray cable jack to the CD player and another side that has only one jack it should go to the speaker port. Your speaker is connected.

7. Power plug

If you have follows the 6 steps accurately, you are done with the setup. Now, plug the main power to the switchboard and turn it on. Check if it’s working or not. That's the entire installation process and you have done it so easily.


Installing DJ instruments are not that tough. It’s just those so many cable connections and unknown indicators that bring confusion. Basically, all of them are not of your work actually. So, don’t get confused, know the one you need only and forget the other to set them well in mind. Follow the instruction mentioned up to get the good solution at just 7 easy steps.

Hope the article was helpful and provided the exact information you need. Thanks for being with us. 

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