ION Audio Block Rocker Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

ION Audio Block Rocker Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best wireless speakers available in the market. Nowadays people find interest in the wireless speaker because of its easy portability with better sound quality. We are here to discuss the features that make ION Audio Block Rocker speaker one of the unique speakers in our ION Audio Block Rocker review.

This little speaker will blow your mind with its awesome sound quality. Additionally, you will get a 50 hours continuous music service without plugging it in. So that, all these features are very much important to be the best speaker in the market. Now we will talk about the detailed features in of this speaker in our ION Audio Block Rocker review.


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    50 hours long battery life.
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    Best Bass among all other wireless speakers.
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    Built-in AM/FM Radio.
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    Handle included for carrying.
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    Wheels available for easy portability.
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    Different types of connection way.


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    Bigger in size than regular wireless speakers.
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    May seem hard to handle.

Features and Benefits

ION Audio Block Rocker review presents you the features of the most attractive speaker in the market. This little thing is such a beautiful combination of lots of good features that makes this speaker one of the best. ION Audio Block Rocker speaker is a wireless speaker and there is a radio included with this speaker. Here is the detail discussion in this ION Audio Block Rocker review.

Eye Catching Design

In most wireless portable speakers, the design is not so very much attractive. This wireless speaker is very well designed and compact so that it will easily catch your sight. Its other specifications are truly enhanced with the help of its awesome design. When a product gets your attention, this will help you to enjoy the best sound quality. Moreover, it is black colored that makes its look classy. This is why it is in our ION Audio Block Rocker review.

Attractive Size

One of the great things about this speaker is its attractive size. Comparing with its size the sound is incredibly loud and clear. The speaker is a killer and will help you to make up in any party and occasion. The length of this speaker is 11 inches, the width is 15 inches and the height is 17.2 inches. So that, you may have quite a good idea about the size of the speaker. For easy moving, this speaker has wheels in it.

Best Battery Backup

This speakers’ best feature is its huge battery backup. ION Audio Block Rocker is one of the best speakers on the market that is popular for its 50 hours battery backup. Yes, you hear it right. This little speaker can back you up with continuous music listening. You can use this speaker to listen to music on a long drive or in a party. You should not worry about charging it. There is a USB cable system that you can use for recharging your phone. Therefore, you can use this as a power bank for your smartphone.

Power & Sound Quality

A good sound depends on the power system of the speaker. ION Audio Block Rocker is blessed with a 50W dynamic power source. Therefore, the speaker gets enough power to deliver the best sound of the speaker. The speaker also has a subwoofer. This woofer is 8 inches wide and the tweeter is 3 inches. Additionally, this speaker’s woofer is pretty much powerful. So this is a reason we are recommending this speaker as one of the best speakers in our ION Audio Block Rocker review.

Portability Accessories

ION Audio Block Rocker is a small sized speaker with wireless connectivity. This is bigger than other speakers in size. So there are some accessories in this speaker that helps the user to carry it anywhere. There are 4 wheels at the bottom of this speaker, a handle to lift it. Additionally, this is not so heavy at all. This portable speaker weighs only 24.6 lbs. So that, this is easy to move around with this portable speaker

Exclusive Radio

You will not always get this opportunity to get a speaker that comes with the radio system. This is right, ION Audio Block Rocker wireless speaker has a built-in radio. The radio comes with 12 presets so that you can use it for music, news and other stuff. This radio has AM/FM two types of module. This is one of the reasons for what this speaker is called the best wireless speaker in this ION Audio Block Rocker review.

Wireless Connectivity

This ION Audio Block Rocker a wireless speaker with Bluetooth 4.0 connecting system. This is one of the fastest wireless connection system available now on. ION Audio Block Rocker is blessed with strong connectivity system ranged 100 feet. This is one of the largest range connection systems in a speaker. So that, you can connect your device to this speaker from less than 100 feet distance.

Smart Control with App

Furthermore, for more expendable control and operation, you can use a software that helps your device to control the speaker. This software is available for iOS, android, and windows. This software is for the experts for suitable sound output. So that, you can use this software can be installed on your smartphone. You can control this speaker with your smartphone.

More Things about ION Audio Block Rocker

ION Audio Block Rocker review is informative with detailed specifications of this wireless speaker. There are something more about the speaker listed here.

  • There is play, pause, previous & next button for easy control.
  • It also has a bright display for better using.
  • The operating system is easy to use.
  • NFC connection is available.
  • 5mm AUX audio jack is also provided.
  • 3mm mono input.
  • Volume key for controlling the sound volume.
  • The is also a microphone with the speaker.

Final Word

There are many speakers in the market. But they don’t have enough reason to depend on. But ION Audio Block Rocker Bluetooth Speaker is not like other ordinary speakers in the market.

The portable wireless speaker is very popular nowadays. This ION Audio Block Rocker review has everything in detail about it. Knowing all of them you will get the idea about this speaker.

Finally, ION Audio Block Rocker review presents you ION Audio Block Rocker Bluetooth Speaker with 50-hour long battery backup and many more features. To get a better look, Click the below link.

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