JLab Audio Epic2 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Earbuds Review

Along with built-in class playtime for a maximum time up to 12 hours, this one past the competition. The combination of suitable fitting design with outstanding fitness proof features facilitate a smart microphone. You can enjoy the blessing of modern technology that encourages a crystal clear sound quality.

Therefore, you can get a waterproof and skip-free facility which will help you to attain a higher durability. Not to mention, you can get the fastest possible connectivity even at 30’ away from the source. Being compatible with both android and apple device, this Jlab Epic2 indeed a stylish one to choose.


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    Features comfortable earbuds with sturdy titanium construction.
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    Comes with earbud housing maximization with 45° cord-to-earbud.
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    Works based on Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX technology without any cable
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    Offers superior and smooth connectivity from up to 30’ away.
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    Contains coated microelectronics and a sealed compartment for security.
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    Includes pristine 8mm driver being 50% greater than typical ones.


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    The connecting cable may not last much longer over heavy usage.
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    Intense usage may reduce the sound quality and connectivity range.

What We Loved Most About this Product?

Beacon Signal Technology Enables High-Performing Sound

A perfect matching combination between vibrant highs, mids and pumping bass can provide up to 50% greater performance. The Crystal Clear Clarity (C3) technology encourages a crisp, immersive clean tone. Through Beacon Signal technology, you will the best possible skip-free tunes.

Ergonomic Design along with Superior Fitness Facility

Having a weight of about only 15 gm, you will face the slightest problem with the hardware. The 45° cord to earbud enables a suitable fitting for your ears. Being resistant to sweat, tear and splash as well, this great microphone offers you a versatile sports earbud.

12 Hours of Battery Support along with Battery Indicator

You can use this microphone to enjoy quality sound while going for a long trip. In fact, it provides a perfect backup for up to 12 hours between consecutive full charging. Built-in battery indicator provides the facility to keep reminding about your usable charge.

Smooth Compatibility with Android and Apple Devices

Along with suitable and common compatibility, you will get good sound quality for music and video programs. Therefore, you can experience quite an amazing facility for both Android and Apple devices. And being compatible with that, this one is highly preferable for lightweight usage.


Along with superb quality black outlook, this Jlab Epic2 comes with a stylish fitting. Needless to say, the black cable with black earbuds provide quite a suitable appearance. The comfortable cups of reasonable fitting size come with a suitable design to fit your ears.

Through the sealed design for efficient acoustic, there comes no interruption between ear and device. In fact, this wireless device offers a perfect connection for your recording without any trouble. Being compatible with Android and Apple devices, you can connect these devices without the slightest trouble.

Apart from that, you will get the utmost facility for easy storage and carriage. Being a lightweight microphone, this comes with reasonable weight and you can carry it in your pocket. In addition, the compact design allows you to get out of the knotting cable with the best possible comfort in very little time.


Regarding quality and performance, this one is like no other to listen to music and record your speeches. Not to mention, highly decent designation of the microphone cups enables quick and suitable fitting for your ears. Along with appropriate size, these ones offer you quite a comfort being neither too small nor too large for your ears.

Even at minimal volume, you will get the best quality of the music or your speech recording sessions. Without any distortion and disturbance, it comes with the assurance of delivering the greatest possible tone. In addition, it also holds pretty well for watching videos on your Apple or Android device.

This great recording tool is something where sound quality meets greater serviceability. Almost all built-in features of this high-quality microphone contribute to the sound quality of a sound. In fact, it can provide very strong and clean sound with compatible smartphones.


For quality assurance, effective lifespan is a big issue of consideration. With this one, there is no option to ignore this. The construction materials are the very first factors of significance regarding durability. To satisfy that, this Jlab Epic2 earphone comes with titanium construction.

In fact, the durability depends upon usage and appropriate maintenance. So, you need to be careful with the intensity of usage. It is better to not to use very heavily at a specific interval and therefore, not to use for a very long time. You should insert the jack into the smartphone with proper care.

Maintenance is of significant importance regarding durability. Although this unique quality microphone doesn’t concern with washing or cleaning, you need to follow certain things. Then, the quality construction can withstand long and heavy usage to provide you the best possible serviceability.

Highlighted features:

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    Features a complete set of 8 silicone gel tips. It includes a single flange for XS, S, M, L along with double flanges for S, M. This one also provides a triple flange for M and shallow for M.
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    Comes with superior advanced technology. It includes crystal clear clarity (C3) for immersive sound. It also features Beacon signal technology to encourage skip-free
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    Provides 2 mini cable management cables and delivers micro USB cord up to universal USB. Apart from that, the battery provides a continuous support for about 12 hours.
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    Offers greater resistant to sweat, tear and also, blood. Both the earbuds are completely 100% splash resisting. Includes compartment for ultra-sonic sealed battery and plasma coated microelectronics.

Bottom Line

Apart from having minor disadvantages, this Jlab Epic2 microphone is a rather sturdy one that comes with quality assurance. Not to mention, you can have a very smooth connectivity for wireless communication through advanced technology. And overall, this offers stylish appearance with a suitable fitting that gives a perfect microphone.

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