Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones Review

Along with great sound quality and mind-blowing fidelity clip, this is an ideal headphone for smart people. From music to radio programs, you can get the utmost comfort with clean and loud sound along with Koss KSC75 review. Apart from that, easy storage and portability through lightweight frame enable to listen to your favorite audios at anywhere.


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    Suitable ear hook design provides a stability along with comfortable fitting.
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    Offers average soundstage performance with open and spacious sounding.
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    Comes with great frequency responding consistency for very little deviation.
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    Provides excellent mid and moderate bass, treble range implementation.
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    Delivers average imaging performance through minimal inaudible phase error.
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    Facilitates easy carriage along with lightweight construction and no headband.


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    Provides no control button for music, volume, microphone or noise cancel.
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    Very poor noise isolation for bass and mid due to the open back designation.
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    Comes with poor and high leakage performance within a very broad range.

What We Loved Most About this Product?

You always do care about anything that represents your choice in the public and also, helps you to enjoy yourselves. With a quality product like this one, it is no different in any case. Therefore, there are somethings that come in the first place regarding this unique headphone.


Without a headband and quite a stable designation, this ergonomic headphone comes with a clip-on facility for the user. The provided hook up design is not only user-friendly but also provides the best possible comfort to the ear. The suitable fitting design as well as lightweight construction provides superior serviceability and also, less pressure over long wearing.

With compaction and open sports design, this fits in your pocket without any difficulty. Thus you can use this to listen to your favorite things anywhere. The combination of silver ear cup along with black coverage and wire attain an outstanding appearance. Therefore, it offers a smart headphone option with great portability.


Regarding Koss KSC75 review, it is quite enough but not the best with respect to the price. Along with neodymium, boron, iron magnet and titanium construction, you will get the utmost performance for sound production. Needless to say, the 4’ long cord and the TRS connection offers quite easy connectivity for the headphone.

Although the isolation and leakage don’t match standard requirements, both of them hold good enough. Moderate sound performance comes with this one which is sufficient to pass time listening without further interruption or disturbance. Therefore, you will get no matching like this one at a cheap price for sure.


When it concerns with durability, you need to take the construction into consideration. Though the frame may seem to be cheap at first glance, it delivers good serviceability for quite a long time. Along with commercial grade titanium construction, you will get superior assurance against long and intense usage.

Apart from that, the magnets, as well as effective coating, also contribute to the durability enhancement. You will face no trouble with regular and also, heavy usage of the headphone. It is true that you may not expect the lifespan for a very long time. But you will enjoy listening for sufficient period against its reasonable price.

Highlighted Features:

Greater Frequency Response of 15 – 25000 Hz with 60 ohms Impedance

There are dynamic elements for frequency enhancement with this unique headphone. In fact, the elements enable a wide range of frequency response from 15 Hz to 25000 Hz. Through this range respond, you can enjoy the utmost sound quality with this Koss KSC75 review.

Apart from that, the ergonomic headphone features a common but useful impedance of about 60 ohms. Through the provides impedance, the sound transmission performance gets improvised on a large scale. In addition, this one allows you to get better conduction of sound.

Dual Cord of 4 Feet along with Gold-flashed 3.5 mm Plug of L – Size

Longer cords for the headphone is quite a common demand of people these days. To meet that demand, you will get a long cord which has a length of 4 feet. Needless to say, you can enjoy your favorite music with this cord by connecting the device at a distance.

Although the cord is not detachable, it offers a 3.5 mm or 1/8” TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) connection. Along with L-shaped construction, the plug encourages easy connectivity. The gold-flashed plug also enhances better course for the sound.

2 mm Diaphragm Coating and Neodymium Magnets Offers Quality Sound

The titanium diaphragm of this headphone comes with a 2 mm of the coating. The coating, therefore, contributes to rigidity enhancement regarding sound production as well as quality. It helps to attain less distortion which results in a rather clear sound. And also, the coating provides a better reproduction of the sound with accuracy.

Apart from the effective coating, the headphone includes prevailing magnets to increase volume quality. In fact, the neodymium construction of the magnet provides greater sound even at a lower voltage. In addition, voice coils of oxygen-free copper also improvise the signal transmission.

Easy Portability along with Comfortable Fitting through Pivoting Ear Plates

This unique headphone comes with a rather useful and user-friendly sports clip designation. In fact, this one is a budget clip-on sounding device delivering a feeling similar to airline headphone. The design fits with perfection around each ear and therefore, provides a comfortable wearing facility.

The lightweight construction along with pivoting ear plates offers superior comfort for the ears with very little pressure. Again, this great one is rather suitable for traveling or riding listening to your favorite song, thanks to lightweight production. Without any necessity of folding, you can enjoy the utmost sound quality for sure.

Bottom Line

Though there are some drawbacks of this great product, it comes with quality assurance. In fact, you will receive no parallel quality like this one within a moderate price range. You may not get this one as the most versatile one, this ergonomic product can produce decently balanced sound. Therefore, you will find a suitable option for crucial listeners through this Koss KSC75 review.

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