List of DJ Songs

No party is complete without any music or the DJs. But you will need some cool DJ hits to get you on the ground. Well, you do not have the list in your pocket. Call it a party gift but hey you get what you deserve.

Take some of the top DJ songs that will make your mood as fresh as a mint candy. Like seriously. You don’t want to take this lightly.

Okay, I will stop talking. Don't fret man. You know I am also getting impatient out here. Stop it and scroll down. Get the rocking DJ music to snatch away your neighbor's sleep. Party time!

Top DJ Songs: Take it all

Here’s to the happy life of all the party goers. I am so sure that you will start a party dance right where you are listening to all these music. You will not care if there is a meeting that is too important goes on.

Cheers! Ensure to not make the boss angry. See this.

1. I Gotta Feeling: Black Eyed Peas

If you are up for a rough and tough night that’s gonna end without any regrets, then this is your song. If you have a feeling that the night belongs to you, feel free to put this song on the music box. I am sure all of you are waiting for some unique twist at the party. DJ, pick this song from here:

2. Party Rock Anthem: LMFAO, Lauren Bennett, and Goon Rock

Put your hands up for the party dudes. It already started. Make some DJ noise, yes. This is what you and your groups will be shouting after they listen to this song. I can see the eagerness on those eyes. Here’s your song buddy:

3. Love Shack: The B-52’s

You people are so shy to talk to new friends. Especially, when there is something cooking in your head. That’s so boring. But this is not accepted when you are in the party house and listening to this song. Come on! Be yourself. Make some friends. Let me help you:

4. Celebration: Cool and the Gang

You deserve some celebration. That too without any reason. Yep. Always celebrate with your gang. A party house with songs like this is what perfectly defines your friendship. Come and have a look:

5. Dynamite: Taio Cruz

You will never ever be able to get this song out of your mind. This is the party itself. Give this song some DJ mix and check. You will never ask for any other mix at the party. I know I am right. I always am. Bragging apart, here's the song only for you:

6. Brick House: The Commodores

The song sounds just like its name. No, no I mean to say it is solid perfect for the partygoers out there. I don’t you need to give any DJ mix in it but it is a yes from the DJ to play it anytime. You feel like dancing. Nothing complicated. Claim your brick house:

7. Mony Mony: Billy Idol

This song does not need any explanation. You will have no option but to dance as soon as the track reaches your ear. Like seriously guys. This song is too good to say anything. It will be better for you to listen to it.

But one thing is for sure. You can never say no to this song. Nobody. Because this song is created to make you dance. Who’s with me in this? Here you go:

8. Wild Thing: Tone Loc

Getting ready to go for the club this weekend and hoping to have some booze is obviously a great idea. But, you cannot claim the weeknight a success unless the DJ plays you this track. I can swear on the music itself that there will never be any song that will second this track. You love to go to a club, better listen to this track while you still can. Get it:


DJ songs, party mix- all of this works like a medicine or more like a therapy to make your mood. It takes away all the toxins named tensions out of your head. So go out and have lots of fun with your friends.

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