List of Party Songs

Throw away the office files. Lock all the office suits. Don't forget to silent your boss's calls. Ouch, that one hurts. But we can do nothing since we are up for party time!!! This was a heavy week. But enough is enough.

We will talk with friends; we will meet some new people, make them friends and joke around a lot. Then we will go back and have a nice sleep with some sweet dreams. Funny.

Absolutely not! You forgot about the music. Let alone to groove on the dance floor. Since the party songs are what will give us a ride than no more chatting. Let's skip all the boring part and take our attention to some of the best party songs ever. I can see you already dancing with the music.

We are going to the party!!!! Yay.

Party Songs: Full List

There are more than thousands of party songs that you can browse on the internet or you can even stream it. It does not matter. What matters is that you choose the song which is fabulous and goes with all of you. The songs which are the best.

Ladies and gentlemen! Grab some drinks. I am going to play some party songs.

1. Groove is the heart- Deee-Lite

Wish to dance like nothing to wait for? You better catch on to this song. Everything you want in a party song is available right in this song. Be the guest of the party and let’s start dancing:

2. Superstition- Stevie Wonder

This guy knows the magic spell of how to blend in some magic with the pop music. This song is the real proof of that. Don’t be superstitious guys. Just party all the way. Who am I to judge? Anyways take the key:

3. Regulate- Warren G, Nate Dogg

If you love party songs that come from a classic era but still are as much popular as they were before, then you definitely choose this song. With the lyrics sounding awesome for the party, I think yeah. Go to this girl. The link is given down below:

4. Rock with you- Michael Jackson

When the song is sung by the legend himself, then I am pretty sure that you cannot say no. Nobody can. His music always carried that kind of magical aura. And I must say, party songs and Michael Jackson are a perfect combination. I can see many of you agree with me on this matter. I say this song is a must. Here is the link:

5. Single Ladies- Beyoncé

All the ladies put your hands up! Oops, I forgot to mention single. Sorry. Anyways, now is the time to scream girl power. This song is my all-time personal favorite. The music, the lyrics, the sound, I can never live without this song. No girls ever can. For your comfort zone, have a look at this:

6. Don’t you want me- The Human League

A chorus song sang in the way as if the moment is of joy. The drums and bass line and the robot-like vocals, I think this is how party sounds. If you agree with me then don't forget to click on the link below:

7. You can call me Al- Paul Simon

This is how the twisted situation at a party looks like. Someone with a guitar singing a cool like a song that still is suitable for the party is obviously unique. Thanks to Paul Simon that you can listen to this kind of song. Easy to make your mindset up for a date on the next day. Here it is:

8. Last Friday Night- Katy Perry

Let me share a secret with you people. Miss Perry here is my idol. She is just perfect. This pop and rock queen rules most of your heart that I can say. And what’s more this song of her’s was a party killer. Totally nailed it. If you are up for some party and intend to do it again then please listen to this song. Wait. Be patient. Here:


It is not Sunday yet but we still get a lot excited. This song will freshen up your mind with an excitement to go for another party again. Enjoy the party all night long!

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