How to Listen to Music without Getting Caught?

Got bored and want to listen to music? But what if you are in a meeting or boring class or in church? In that case being little tricky can save you smartly. If your surrounding prohibits you to listen to your favorite track you are craving for, apply these super worthy methods below to listen to music without getting caught.

Let’s get started.

Trick 1: Smart Headphone Setup

The chances of getting caught depend 90% on how you set your earbuds, especially, the long cable of the headphone. It comes out from here and there and creates trouble.

Follow these instructions to get rid of this.

Wear a full sleeve shirt:

Wearing full sleeve shirt is a great way to hide your headphone. Attach the earbuds with your hand and run the cable through your sleeve.  Put the device inside your shirt. Now, keep your hand on your ear and enjoy the music.

Wear a cap:

Keep your device in a cap and attach it with scotch tape. Keep the earbuds out to set it with your ear. Wear the cap and listen to your favorite track.

Wear a hoodie jacket:

Keep your music player in your pant’s pocket. Pull the headphone up and set in your ear. Put the hoodie on to covet your ear. You are done.

Carry a scarf with you:

If you are wearing sleeveless and can’t apply the cap and hoodie trick then this one is for you. Carry a scarf with you wherever you go. Cover the earbuds with that and keep the device in your bag. You are all set to listen to music.

Trick 2: Buy a Perfect Headphone

It’s really important what kind of headphone you have because you have to hide it well. Here are some tips to get a good one.

Light colored headphone:

Most headphones are dark and often noticeable. That’s a big problem. Get a light colored one which is less markable.

Wireless Headphone:

Wireless headphones are master at hiding themselves without any trouble. You just put the earbuds on and start listening.

Small earbuds:

Don't purchase headphones that have big earbuds. People with sharp eyes will catch you at one glance.

Necklace Headphone:

If you are a girl this pretty thing will make your way easy. Wear this headphone like a necklace and put on the earbuds. Enjoy the music with a stylish trick.

Match your hair color:

Get a headphone that matches with your hair color. If you use the opposite color headphone it will mess your plan up for sure.

Trick 3: Be Careful of These Facts

However smart your trick is, some minor facts can ruin your plan. Be careful and point them out. Here are some of them.

Avoid lip sync:

Lip sync is a common habit that comes automatically while listening to our favorite music. This is a common habit that can get you caught while listening to music. Be careful of it.

Pay attention to other activities:

You have to be expert at multitasking. People will get your trick easily if you do not pay attention to them. So, listen to music along with doing other works as well.

Get a small device:

It’s really good to have a small device that can be hidden easily. Besides, a large device is uncomfortable to carry and you may be unwilling to carry it.

Check the plug:

Check the plug if it’s perfectly fit or not. A loose connection can play your music loud or may do not play it.


Listening to music without getting caught is fun. It’s great when your surrounding is boring and you are having a musical moment. Tricks above will let you have a non-stop musical day and revived with the healing power of music.

Hope the article was helpful. Enjoy life in a musical way.

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