Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 Review

Almost all the typical headphones available in the market are suitable for listening music or watching movies. But regarding gaming headphone, very few can deliver satisfactory performance. It often happens that you can’t enjoy a good game just because of bad sound as well as frequent noise.

To offer you a perfect gaming sound, Logitech provides a wireless gaming headset that comes with premium quality. This Logitech G930 offers a great combination of features to meet all your prime requirements. Through this headphone, you will receive quality service comes with the superior comfort.


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    Contains external cushioned pad to release the ongoing sound stress.
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    Provides unidirectional sound production along with Dolby 7.1 system.
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    Offers easy customization for the headset through 3 visible switches.
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    Includes one noise revoking microphone that has auto muting ability.
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    Delivers stable wireless connection with lost lasting battery support.
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    Comes with easy compatibility for common OS like Windows Vista, 7, 8.


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    Less powerful bass comes with this headset which may not be sufficient.
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    Cushioned ear pad may get damaged over intense and frequent usage.

What We Loved Most About this Product?

Powerful and Lag-free Connection Even at 40 Feet Away

This incredible headset provides a powerful wireless connectivity of about 2.4 GHz. Thus, it offers the slightest lag for the connection regarding a perfect gaming sound. You can even enjoy a smooth and perfect connection even at a distance of 40 feet.

Great Output through Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound System

The sound output of this headphone is quite amazing. Through a surround sound system of Dolby 7.1, the sound of the game comes out form all possible directions. You will be able to hear almost everything from soldier footsteps to battle explosions with firing.

3 Programmable G Keys Allows 1 Touch Customization

The customization of this unique headset is quite easy with only 1 touch. Along with 3 convenient G keys located on the left cup, you can get easy access and software customization. With that, you can set the music, chat, voice morphing.

Full Charging with USB Base Delivers 10 Hours Backup

This elegant headphone can deliver 10 hours of continuous backup over a full charge. Along with a sufficient backup for about 10 hours, this is indeed a reliable to use. Again, the built-in USB base for charging offers both quick charging and simple access.


The black frame of this Logitech G930 provides a rather attractive outlook. Along with some additional red markings over the phones deliver suitable fitting with the black body. The cups of circumaural shape come with reasonable size to suit the ears without the slightest discomfort.

The transmitter is similar to conventional flash drives is simple USB instrument of black color. Furthermore, this device fits into all sorts of common USB. Again, the additional pseudo hubs without any difficulty. There is one included hub that contains one USB as well as micro-USB cable of adequate length. The hub works keeping the USB port in the middle.

All the external controls for the headset come with the left one. In addition, there comes one button for power on/off and one downward flipped microphone. It also holds one muting switch, one wide volume wheel, 3 adjustable G keys along with one advanced Dolby button. The chargeable cup bottom apprehends one micro-USB port.


The pertaining performance with quality assurance, this headset is undisputed when it is about enjoying gaming sound. Some particular laboratory experiments reveal its ability to catch an effective and uninterrupted connection even at 40 feet distance. Along with a powerful connectivity of 2.4 GHz, it can apprehend the connection with the utmost perfection.

You can enjoy crystal clear sound of game explosions as well as fights at the maximum volume. With the minimum noise production and distortion, it has the ability to deliver the greatest tone quality. Not to mention, it can hold quite good for watching videos apart from listening music. As a matter of fact, the headset produces powerful as well as clear sound regarding music.

You will find this ergonomic one that comes along with great sound meeting with superior serviceability. All the built-in features function together to give a suitable gaming sound for any game. Along with efficient customization, the continuous backup through the 10-hour battery allows you to game for quite a long time.


Durability doesn’t prevail all the time and to get it, you need to go for quality products. And for a gaming headset, durability is important regarding proper service. Construction materials directly contribute to the durability and this Logitech G930 meets this essential requirement. In fact, this headphone comes with sturdy, commercial quality material construction.

Depending upon both usage and maintenance, greater durability is in your hand as well. Heavy, intense usage with carelessness may reduce the serviceability with the passage of time. It is a good practice to charge the battery before it runs out. In addition, you need to check out the port and the connection while charging.

Concerning maintenance, it also contributes to the durability as well. It is true that you can’t go for washing or cleaning for a headset but you need to use it with care. And with that, the headphone can deliver you a satisfactory lifespan to ensure its best serviceability.

Highlighted features:

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    Contains headset driver of 1.6 inches with a frequency responding range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz. It provides 90dB of sensitivity for SPL/mW along with an impedance of 32 ohms.
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    Delivers unidirectional pattern for microphone pickup frequency of 50 Hz – 20 kHz. The included microphone comes with an electret of the pressurized
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    Includes transmission technology of rapid burst to hold low-frequency The additional noise-canceling microphone functions over agile frequency.
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    The cups of memory foam encourage comfort and the cushioned pads isolate the tone. Both the features enable the user to wear the headset with the utmost comfort.

The features and their advantages of this great headset prevail over the drawbacks for sure. Not to mention, you can’t find any suitable alternative in the market regarding its quality service.

Moreover, you will get superior sound listening facility at a reasonable price through this one. Therefore, you should take this one into consideration when you want quality that comes with service.

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