How to Make a Fiberglass Box for Boat? Step By Step Guide

While going on a boat trip the best way to protect your necessary stuff is a fiberglass box. Besides being strongly waterproof the fiberglass makes the box fire resistance and durable as well. That is why most people prefer fiberglass box for boat or marine. But fiberglass boxes are quite expensive. What about making it your own and save some money? Awesome, right?

Here is the full process of making a fiberglass box for boat. Check it out and follow every single step for the expected result.

Elements You Need

Before you start the procedure gather all the necessary ingredients mentioned below. Each and every object is equally important here. So, none of them can be ignored anyhow. Here you go.

Plywood Box: Get a plywood box as per the size and shape you want for fiber glassing it. Or, you can make a box your own from square shaped wood. Just attach them with glue and give it a box shape. Your base box is ready.

Fiberglass: This is the main element you need. Get enough fiberglass's depending on how many layers you will make and the size of your box.

Caulk: It’s kind of liquid paste that fills up all the unwanted gaps of the box.

Resin and CatalystThese liquids are mainly for attaching the fiberglass well with the box. They set it accurately after the liquid gets dry.

Painting BrushTo apply the paste and liquid you need a painting brush. While placing the fiberglass inside the box you need a brush.

Hand glovesYou need to wear hand gloves before applying the chemicals. Because chemicals can affect your skin.

Mask: You can wear a mask to cover your nose area if you can’t tolerate the chemical’s smell.

Apron: It will protect your clothes from getting dirty and messy.

Making Process of Fiberglass Box-Step By Step

First of all, get yourself prepared before you start. Wear the mask and put on the apron along with the gloves. You are ready to start. To make the method convenient it has been separated into several steps. Here is the step by step process for you.

Step 1: Place the plywood box on a plain surface (table, chair, bench or ground). Check if it shakes. You will be uncomfortable if the box rattle.

Step 2: Apply caulk into the edges and corners to cover up the gap. Give it a good finish using your finger. Check every single corner to make sure there is no gap left.

Step 3: Take 10 moles of catalyst and 500 moles of resin in a cup and mix it at least for 40-50 seconds. Mix them very well.

Step 4: Cut a square piece of fiberglass and put it inside the box. Apply the liquid on it to make it strong attached to the box. Do the same for each side, corner and every inner area of the box. Make as many layers you want. Normally one thick layer is enough to make it appropriate.

Step 5: Dry it out well and your fiberglass box for boat is ready.

Check below video and it will help you to make a fiberglass box.

Making your own fiberglass box for boat is really fun. If you haven’t tried it before then it’s going to be a very interesting experiment to you for sure. While most people consider it as a troublesome work our simple 5 steps will make it an easy fun task for you. So, save your money, make your own designed fiberglass box and add a new experience to your creative works.

Hope the article was helpful. Thanks for being with us until the end.


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