Marshall Woburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

To tune up music with Bluetooth speaker Marshal Woburn is just awesome for its individual versatilities!

This very stunning handy dynamic stereo speaker is absolutely built to rock your mind so cool. And it does make the amplifiers like the real rock-star surrounding you.

The Woburn appears at as one of the latest iconic amplifiers of Marshall. Nonetheless, you can get such Bluetooth speaker line in a black or a pleasant cream color with pure sonic power. Finally, it is just designed in mind with such loudness as you are waiting to find hearing the Woburn’s performance and thus it embraces exact the Marshall name.

Pros for Marshall Woburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Loudspeaker hits just high trebles clearly
  • Handles low bass with ease
  • Customs control of sound.
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    Deliver accurate response throughout the frequency range
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    Portable Speaker comes with built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
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    25 hours of play time
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    Enjoy your music without the hassle of wires.
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    Answer, decline, and end calls with the phone button
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    Aesthetically speaking
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    Hardwood floors and mix of classic modern, vintage and antique style furnishings
  • thumbs-up
    Ultimate Ears BOOM
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    Definitive Technology Cube
  • thumbs-up
    Creative Sound Blaster Roar
  • thumbs-up
    Peachtree Audio deepblue2
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    Vibrant vocals and level of detail, even when pushing the volume

Cons for Marshall Woburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Portable audio doesn’t compare to the power of a fuller-sized speaker
  • Bluetooth wireless and lack of range of others would be better if Marshall invents something more.
  • Risk of a having a neighbor calling in a noise disturbance and they are probably just jealous

Features and Benefits:

Great Design

The Marshall Woburn is designed with a great look. Actually, it is not so big and not too small in size and almost boxy with rounded curves. It is just vintage-looking in the front feet, golden in color with metal iconic stunning script logo. Completely, it looks like an excellent amplifier. The favorite parts you may like its metal knobs, on/off push button, and switch.

While we have so many speakers with plastic controls, it is rather nice to appreciate something a little more extensive. In addition, it has the dials to tune bass you want triple and the volume is more sophisticated than cramming a plastic button to regulate. It also adorns the place somewhere hanging or keeping for guests to appreciate and you guess to get some adoration hands over with a festive look.

Smooth Connectivity

The Marshall Woburn includes a 3.5mm audio cable having textured metal landfills that it is really a nice and smooth touch. Interestingly, the coil you feel is more elastic while stretched. Other things included here are the power cables. If you think about other inputs, you can but need to confirm your own gear.

The connectivity you expect would be a little bit more splendid. Just tap a music on your Bluetooth smartphone and this allows you to be connective with the speaker while you are afternoon walking on the rooftop building surrounded by gardens. And then, you feel a celestial appearance within the listen of George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper’ or Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart will go on’. Wireless join up is easy, just like all other Bluetooth supported speakers.

No problems will create even if you move your mobile device 15 or so meters away. But if you plan on having a party, the connection then starts really touchy within the 7.5meters limit.

Better Audio Quality

Within the aptX supported mobile, you will enjoy blue-tooth quality exactly the same as using the audio cable. You can taste the Woburn in both ways and finally, you won’t find any variance as well. For listening, you can have the Woburn’s bass trembling the knobs in the middle level at five which is a neutral place to start, but it needs to consider a twist to tune as desired.

If you are interested in tuning pleasantly, just go for balance first. The stereos of Woburn’s volume do not just fill the rooms, rather it vibrates them. If you turn your attention to the upper registers and vocals, you will feel worse with excessive volume.

Even, if your mind does not allow the speaker volume up, you can still listen to the quieter as well as the loud parts. And the things like whispering lyrics with some instruments in the background. The acoustic system of guitar chords is also present. This combination including the level of energy and texture of instruments makes ears so soothing. No matter what you choose to play, all sounds appear as latent fanciful.

Comfortable Size

The Woburn Bluetooth speaker is just awesome for its special size and shape as 15.8 x 11.4 x 7.9 inches, with a 17.4pound weight. And the weight is just excluding the rechargeable battery. It is quite handy and portable to allow you taking your backpack to enjoy outings so lively. So, such kind of stock well would be a great to add enjoy that is the best left for a while in one place.


There is the facility to allow you an optical digital input and even RCA analog audio input to add the usual 3.5mm mini-jack. The specialty of the optical input is the easiness to link the Woburn to a TV, streaming box like an Apple TV, Airport Express, streaming play, hard disk player, and satellite or cable receiver.

Moreover, you can get a couple of useful additional features. Bass and treble controls are one of them let you tune the Woburn’s sound in a second better than having fine-tuned. It resonances some minutes using some app you have to install on your smartphone.

Final Verdict

​The Woburn brings a huge extent of animated sound, yet maintains the rich tones your ears deserve. Including speaker’s assortment of connections, there is every reason to have audio and video entertainment. Whatever the size is, it is reasonably easy enough to move around. It really yields deep and succinct bass. It may be the closest thing to an audiophile you can realize.

Seemingly, the Woburn lets you élite distinct instruments very clearly and the voices sound enormously real, rich and booming. And it has been pleasant to listen the same as you experienced with a voice, guitar, Classical Opera, Rock, Metal, 80’s Pop, Punk, Grunge, and Folk etc.

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