Photive Hydra Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

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This type of speech is the leader in the sector of portable Bluetooth speakers.  It can be used in any environment be it outdoor scenes like camping, hiking or even at the beach or by the poolside.

Photive Hydra Review

The Photive Hydra Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is one of a kind and almost resistant to every negative thing such as dust, water, and even shock. The sound it provides is perfect and quality is even less than perfect environments.

Its rating is IP 66 which symbolizes the rate of resistance it can offer to various threats such as water.  Its design is quite simple but the elements composing of the speaker itself are no joke.

The elements feature heavy duty, rubberized exterior, and treated aluminum grill. From the look of things, the elements are supposed to provide a sense of toughness to endure all challenges that come in the way.


Like other portable devices, the Photive Hydra waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker avails advanced Bluetooth 4.0 Technology ultra-optimised pairing to other devices at a fast speed and uses less energy.

It gives the user the privilege of changing tracks and adjusting volume from the comfort of their device if the feel like not using the volume buttons located on the speaker. This speaker can be paired with various Android devices such as phones, tablets, and even iPhones.


As earlier indicated the body of this speaker is designed for tough and rough conditions or we can say it is designed to be ready for anything.

For it to have a rating of IP 66 means that the components of its physical composition are up to the task. It gives it a 100% protection against water and dust. The rubberized rugged exterior is for ultimate impact resistance.

Sound Quality

In this aspect of conveying quality music, the speaker is equipped with a passive subwoofer and two 40mm drivers, it will deliver the rich bass and sound quality.

Quality sound is essential for such an outdoor speaker since the outdoor experience comes with various amounts of noise, therefore, the speaker has to perform. The speaker is strong enough it can even play in the shower with all that noise.

Rechargeable Battery

The speaker can last up to 8 hours of uninterrupted playing of music with a single charge. This is a first since many portable speakers only last for a few hours.

The designer of this portable speaker had in mind its main purpose of serving the music lovers in almost any environment. Its battery was made to last long enough so as not to spoil the party. Very few speakers can reach the standards of this battery.

  • The speaker is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof
  • Has a rich bass and quality sound
  • The battery has a long life
  • Quality construction
  • It lacks a carrying case.


Q: Is the speaker waterproof or water resistant?

A: It’s safe to say it is water resistant since it can withstand considerable amounts of water. Some user claims they swim with the speaker and it still works perfectly while others claim it malfunctions once it gets in lots of water but can handle water in the shower.

Q: Are the rechargeable batteries replaceable and what is their lifespan?

A: Of course, the batteries are replaceable. The last for up to 8 hours when fully charged. The general lifespan of the batteries is the normal standard time after which they should be replaced.

Final Verdict

Resilient, tough, long lasting and top performer are the keywords that can be used to define the Photive Hydra waterproof wireless Bluetooth portable speaker. This speaker simply defies all odds to deliver good music with quality sound the listener regardless of the environment.

To me, it has no shortfalls apart from the one raised by people that it has no carrying case, but again I wonder why it should have a case when the exterior of the speaker was designed to endure all types of shock which may occur from a fall.


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