Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers Review

If you’ve been an outdoor lover who loves to hangout a lot, music is maybe one of those few stuffs that you take with you. In case you are in need to fill up a large space in outdoor with awesome sound, Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers can be right pick for you.

It’s one of the six model series of outdoor speakers from the brand Polk Audio. You can choose on your own way, but within the series, we found the Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers as the best one.

Let’s go through the Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers review and figure out whether it works for you or not.


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    The speakers reproduce sounds to provide an indoor feeling.
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    Provides a smooth and detailed sound experience.
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    Broad coverage of sound in outdoors.
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    Easy to install and transport.


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    Less adaptable than the other models of the series.

What We Loved Most About this Product?

If we speak the truth, we have a lot of impressions with this Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers. Because outdoor speakers that are available in the market, are craps in a general sense. But in Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers, we’ve found an amazing blend of some real-time features that users have always desired.

Let’s come to the point. Among all the features, we like the mount ability of this speaker the most. With the gold-plated holdings, or on the standing support system, you can place it anywhere you want. Also, if you want to hook somewhere on the tree or wall, it has straps, like I just said.

Let’s head in and find more it’s outstanding features-


We were not seriously concerned about the design of the Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers. All we were busy with its performance and durability. But soon when we looked at it’s materialistic property, were supposed thinking about how could we missed these awesome set of features.

Let us give you some points of it’s superb design. The core material of the structure is Stainless Steel. Good for everyone. The grilles are made of aluminum. And for the non-metallic coat, no chance of building rust.

Moving forward, the next fact of it’s design is the 5-way gold plated binding. To be straight forward, this is one single feature that I have seen in very few selected models of the industry. Because of these gold-plated binding, you can securely hook them up.

Lastly, the black/white finish will create such a good visual appeal for eyes. Not only a performance, it will be an asset for you in terms of its visual looks.


You can feel the power of this Polk Audio Atrium 6 as you turn it on and play the first piece of music through it. For you, we’re breaking down every aspect of performance below-

Bass response comes on the top of priority when a music lover thinks of the features of a speaker. Don’t worry, Polk Audio Atrium 6 won’t disappoint you at all. The butyl rubber pump and the cone driver combine in one of the finest bass output among speakers within this price range.

Next on, let’s talk about how good is Polk Audio Atrium 6 in case of power response and smoothness. So far as our research report, the strong magnetic speaker coil, and the aluminum made dome tweeter combines to produce a smooth and enjoyable audio performance. Comparing to any of the speakers of your surroundings, you can figure out the difference quite clearly.


Let’s talk about what features it has got to protect itself against the odds of weather. As the brand has claimed it as a completely outdoor speaker, it might have some cool features that holds its durability to the fullest.

We noticed that the power ports of this Polk Audio Atrium 6 are completely water resistant, just like any other speakers of the same series and same brand. Apart from the power port, other parts of this product are completely waterproof.

Another factor that harms the durability of an outdoor speaker is the rust and moisture build up in the insider part of the speaker. Well, the brand Polk promises with the string moisture proof structure that, even after years of use, the model won’t develop any harmful moisture inside it.

Super Sound Reproduction

When you are in the room or in a closed space, there are walls around that reflects the sound and makes it more realistic. But what about outdoor? No walls, right? So, you need something really cool that reproduces the sound waves by itself.

Thanks to the brand Polk. They have made the model such enclosed that it can reproduce both high and low frequency sounds by itself. So, what you hear is a realistic, sophisticated sound that floods the minds away.

Highlighted features:

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    It’s has superb capacity to reproduce with high and low frequency sounds. As a benefit, the sound like indoor sound systems.
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    Built and maneuvered in an awesome way.
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    Because of the sealed enclosure and structure, they are completely water and rust proof.
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    It’s super easy to install in any place. You can do it within minutes with one hand only.
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    Easy to hang up and mount in any outdoor and indoor situation.

Bottom Line

So far, Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers review has showed us that it’s a perfect pick for person who likes to get flooded away with sounds in outdoors. If I had been an outdoor hangout lover, I would definitely keep this on the top of my priority list.

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