Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Speaker Review

Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Flagship Outdoor All-Weather Speaker (White) - Use as Single Unit or...
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Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Flagship Outdoor All-Weather Speaker (White) - Use as Single Unit or...
  • Our flagship features a 6.5" Dual Voice Coil Dynamic Balance aerated...
  • High Power (125W x 2) & Low frequency response (45KHz) helps BLOCK ALL...
  • Install in any large or open space—by a pool, in the patio, the...

In this era of modern technologies, music has gained a different level in all aspects. Newer and better technologies are coming in the market every day to present people with better music experience than before. The Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Speaker (Single, White) is such a device that is brought to the listeners and party freaks of modern times.

The speaker is a single set device that has all the bass boosts, treble settings and all the other necessities in a package. If you were looking for a device that would satisfy your musical taste then this Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Speaker Review will surely help you in finding out the best one for you. Just keep reading and find out more about this amazing device.


  • Military grade build material for better weather resistance
  • Smooth and broad range of sounds for better sound clarity
  • Speed lock system for easy mounting and installation
  • Simple but gorgeous design that would fit any type of places
  • Perfect speaker amplification tweeters to allow better coverage


  • Wireless connectivity not allowed so wire fixing is required
  • As the speaker is small it can’t deliver bass boosts like the bigger speakers
  • Extra settings required for user configurations

What We Loved Most About This Product?

The Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Speaker (Single, White) is a unique piece of product that has all the materials to make you feel the beats. The speaker comes with so many functions and features that make it one of the best in the modern market. Let’s just start with the formal overall description of the speaker with this Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Speaker Review.


The Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Speaker has a smooth and iconic design. The speaker comes with a stylish outlook. With overall white color, the speaker gives a gorgeous outlook on the whole place. The internal and external design of the speaker is very sophisticated and intricate.

The speaker has especially featured tweeters for better sound quality. The tweeters are surrounded by rubber outlets. The rubber pads reflect the sound waves created by the tweeters and add more depth to the actual sound. The back part of the speaker is created with extra hard metal to make the speaker last long.


The overall performance of the speaker is remarkable. You can just feel the sound clarity and differentiate them from other speakers. The speaker runs on batteries. Because it is a wired speaker, it is not necessary to adjust the button or knob of the speaker.

Simply connect the speakers to the audio device with the included wires, then mount the speakers in the desired location. The wires are connected using an old push-mount spring clip. This can be a problem if you want to use thicker cables with speakers.

My advice is to place the speakers somewhere, making the speakers very dark. Since the included wires are very long, you can work well enough to attach the speakers. If I want something a bit more cautious than the brackets included in the speakers, I can put something on the back of the speaker by molding the case.


These speakers are designed for indoor and outdoor use and are therefore cost-effective. The screen grille and speaker enclosure are designed to be weatherproof, but you can hang outside in the rain without having to care.

If you plan to use the speaker outdoors, make sure that the element is mounted under the eaves to protect it from the element. This will significantly increase the longevity. Secure the bracket firmly.

Especially when the case is made of plastic, it can’t survive due to a considerable height fall in windy conditions. But judging the overall build materials and quality of the product, the speaker is perfectly durable.

You can take it outside on a sunny day or even on a snowy day. The speaker has weather resistant technology to withstand heat and cold.

Highlighted Features:

Endurance Against Environment

The speaker comes with a unique quality of weather resistance. The speaker can withstand heat in the sunny days. It can also withstand cold temperatures as the build material is military grade. The speaker is corrosion and rust free. The build material is the finest quality material on the market.

Easy Installation

The installation of the speaker is made very easy for the users. As plugging the speaker on and putting the whole thing together can take much of your time. The manufacturer has included speed lock system for mounting and installing the device much faster even in tough situations.

Better Coverage

The speaker will deliver your sound and do it correctly. It has a large area coverage for bigger parties. Even if you are arranging for it to play in an open field, it will deliver your music correctly. The Atrium design of the speaker allows it to deliver critical sound dispersions at all levels of frequencies.

Clarity Ensured

Most of the times, single speakers lack bass sounds and clear trebles. But this speaker has extra tweeters to deliver you the right amount of bass and treble that you need in a music. The tweeters are made out of the very best types of magnetic fields that allow better sound distortion.

Bottom Line

The Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Speaker Review focuses on all the basic and advanced features of the speaker. The speaker has the most unique and solid design. It has the best type of tweeters installed inside it. The tweeters present bass boost just like a heavy grade speaker.

The design is very stylish and modern. The best quality of the speaker is that it is weather resistant. That means you can take it anywhere with you and not worry even a little. Planning a vacation? Well, vacations mean parties and parties mean music. If you like this speaker then order it now for your musical needs.

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