How to Record Vocals Without Headphones! Tips and Tricks

Recording without headphone may be a crazy idea to many but it’s a fun alternative, I must say. Especially, vocalists who are not comfortable with headphone recording prefer this process to get their best performance. Besides, recording without headphone is much more natural because most of us are mainly used to bathroom singing or singing in some natural places. So, it becomes comfortable to sing without a headphone.

If you are about to try it out here are the tips for recording your vocal without headphone exactly the way you want. Let’s get started.

This technique is all about making the singer comfortable along with getting a better record. The more you handle it naturally the more it becomes perfect. Singing with headphone may feel too uneasy to many and that is the reason why many vocalists can’t give their best even after several recordings. So, here are the tips and simple tricks for you to record without headphone.

Record Vocals Without Headphones

1. Make The Place Comfortable

Find a place that let your vocalist stand comfortably. The speaker and monitor shouldn't be too far from him. You can record anywhere to increase the comfort level. Recording on studio only is not compulsory at all. If you don't have a studio, that not a problem. You can try different places to check the sound quality as well.

2. Set The Device On

Before you start the procedure, set everything according to its accurate position. Set the microphone to your mouth level and place it near the monitor and speaker. Set the tune you are going to sing on and also the record button to capture your vocal. Keep the speaker facing the monitor to get the sound clear.

3. Test Recording

It’s better to make a taste record to know how does it sound before you go for the final record. Set the time up to 20 minutes and listen if there is any problem to adjust. This will help you out to set everything accurate. After the first trial, you will know if the sound is not good and if the mic is not on point or any other problem that you needs to be fixed.

4. Get Everything Locked Down

Though this sounds silly, it is a very important fact. While recording the final track lock everything especially the knobs of your instruments. Fix the in its accurate position and make sure you don’t have to move anything during the recording. Because every single movement gets recorded no matter how small is that.

5. Record The Noise

To record the vocal accurately you have to record the noise first. Just keep quiet, stop every instrument and record if there is any kinda noise in your room that can ruin your main record. Play it and find out the errors to cancel out the noise.

6. Use Pro-tool

Record your final vocal and mix it on the pro tool. There are many editing tools available that can give a good quality record. First, edit your raw vocal track to make it more clear and then go for the music. Whatever musical  instrument it has, give it a good mixing and make it better.


Recording without headphone is a way easier to get the best recording with few tries. The reason behind this is, this process makes the vocalist feel natural and sing the way they are used to. Wearing a headphone may make many ones uneasy and even nervous but this process is comparatively the most effective way to get a good record faster.

 Hope the article was helpful. Thanks for being with us.


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