How to Setup a Home Theater System? Infroghaphic Details

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Who doesn’t like to watch their favorite movie on a big screen at the theater? Due to our busy schedules, it isn’t possible to go to the movie theater regularly. In this regard, a home theater can provide you a great movie watching experience at your home.

However, many of us think that a home theater setting is quite difficult. But, it’s not that intimidating job. Here is an informative guide to assist you to set up your home theater system on your own.

How to Setup a Home Theater System

Step by Step Instructions to Set Up a Home Theater System

Step 1 –

First of all, switch off all the electrically powered devices. This is to minimize the chance of electric shock. More importantly, be sure to turn off your speakers and TV.

Step 2 –

Then, you should connect the receiver to your television. There is an HDMI Out jack on your receiver’s back side. Insert one end of an HDMI wire into this port. Later, plug in the remaining end of the HDMI cable into another suitable port on your TV.

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Step 3 –

Now, connect the receiver to a video input. Use one HDMI cable and connect its one end to a video segment such as a DVD, or a Blu-Ray player. At that point, plug in the opposite closure of the HDMI wire to the back of your receiver’s ‘HDMI In’ port. Practically, you can link most of the modern video segments to your receiver using an HDMI wire.

Step 4 –

Examine all the video connections before proceeding to the speakers. Investigate whether you have all the essential elements to check the video. Switch on your receiver, television, and other media segments and change to the right input port on your television. Press all the ‘input’ or ‘video’ buttons till you find the right HDMI input.

Also, check every input option to see if there are any loose connections. Moreover, make sure that your media player functions well by connecting it directly to your TV without any receiver. Ensure that you have the correct stream flow. Things ought to go “out” from the media player and “in” to the TV. Each of the connections should go ‘in’ the television and ‘out’ from your media component.

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Step 5 –

The most intricate piece of the home theater set up process is connecting the receiver to the speakers. Running the wires throughout the room requires a great amount of time and planning. Basically, speaker wire is the combination of two appended wires – red and black wires.

Both of them are connected from the back of your speaker to the sound output of your receiver. Interface one end of a cable to the black ‘in’ port of your speaker and the other end to the black ‘out’ port of your receiver. Similarly, run the red wire from the speaker to the receiver.

Step 6 –

Let’s examine the speakers at this point. Firstly, associate the two main front speakers to the receiver. Then, play a movie to test these two speakers. If both of them work well, then proceed to test the remaining speakers.

If you want to associate a soundbar, you should connect the speaker to the receiver via an optical wire to set up your home theater. However, make sure to join the speaker to its appropriate input option on your receiver.

Step 7 –

Cover up all the wires. You should hide all the wire connections to avoid unwanted tripping on the cables and likewise accidents. Run them under the carpets, or through the dividers or walls. Thus, you can give your home theater setting a professional closure.

Step 8 –

Finally, check your home theater setting by playing a video. Rearrange your speaker system again if you find any problem hearing the sound. Check all the input and output connections and fix the loose connections if there are any.

A home theater system can make all your videos more exciting and entertaining.

This article will help you to introduce a perfect home theater system for your house. Choose the right quality speakers, receivers, DVD components, and other essential components and make your movie time magical.

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