Shure SE535-CL Sound Isolating Earphones Review

The Shure SE535-CL Sound Isolating Earphones with Triple High Definition MicroDrivers provides the best musical experience you can ever imagine from an earphone. If you have been looking at frustrating same types of earphones over the years then this would bring a world of change for you.

The earphone has the latest technology in all aspects. It has a sleek transparent design that does not come with any color combinations. The earpiece has adjustable earbuds. The earbuds come in all sizes and shapes to fit your ear perfectly.

If you were looking for an earphone to buy and satisfy your musical needs then this Shure sE535 review will surely help you decide. Keep reading and know all the amazing features of this earphone.


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    Complete sound and noise isolation gives the feel of a different musical world
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    Ergonomic and completely rugged build material for better performance
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    Top quality materials used for best amount of durability
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    Matching and fitting earbuds provided to fit your ear size
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    Light in weight and optimized angle of nozzle for better comfort


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    It may take some time to find the right earbud for you
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    Needs proper care or one of the earpieces stops working
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    Default wires do not come with any mobile phone buttons integrated

What We Loved Most About this Product?

Considering the sleek outlook and slim design, you would certainly be amazed at the sound quality of this earphone. The earbuds need to fit your ear perfectly. Then just enjoy the bass and treble just like a party. This Shure SE535 review will provide you all the details on this. The rhythm just flows directly to your musical senses. Read below to know more about the sleek design, amazing performance and long lasting capability of this earphone.


The earphone has a completely transparent overall figure. You can just see the wires connecting each other and the alloys at the earpieces. Besides these, the transparent plastic will give you the stylish appearance you have always wanted. Choosing an earphone between thousands of color combinations has become old-fashioned. Keeping that in mind, the makers of this earphone made this earphone for the new generation.

The design also includes wired and wireless capabilities. You can either use it as a wired earphone or a wireless earphone. There are extra components that you would need to buy to keep it connected. Besides that, the earphone is Bluetooth enabled and works like a plug and play device.


The performance of the earphone is just mind-blowing. It was tested by the professional musicians and approved of them. The earphones may look simple but it really is an amazing musical device.

It has simple yet concrete bass output that can make you feel the beat. We are all used to listening to subwoofers and their loud base hits. But with this earphone on you will feel the bass anywhere, anytime.

The best performance output of this earphone is that it is completely sound isolating. No matter where you are and no matter how noisy the place is, you will feel left alone in a musical world of yourself.


The earphone is field tested quite a few times. That ensures the higher durability of this particular earphone. No matter where you use it, it will give you company and last long. The high quality plastic alloy mixture used in the transparent connectors keep it dust free. It can take on much weight and stay in shape.

The body of the earphone is rugged and very ergonomic for regular carefree use. Just don’t lose it. The earpiece is made with up to the minute technology for better quality assurance.

Highlighted Feature:

Be In Your Personal World

The amazing sound isolating technology of this earphone ensures the separation from the noise of your surroundings. No matter how noisy the place is, the earphone will take you to a musical world of your own. The higher bass and treble sounds would give you the musical quality that you need.

Designed For The Professionals

This earphone has a sleek and unique design pattern. The earpiece comes with various sizes of earbuds. No matter what size your ear is, it will fit into it and give you all it has got. It is mainly designed for professional music monitoring and listening. But it will with guarantee feel all your musical needs.

Comfort For All

The first thing that comes to mind while buying an earphone is that, would it be comfortable while using? Well, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. The low profile unique shape and adjustable nozzles will give you all the comfort you need. The earphone is unbelievably lightweight compared to its features. So, your ears won’t feel any burden on it.

Music Like It’s Meant To Be

The earphone will provide you music like it should be. From each and every guitar strums to solos and plucks can be heard loud and clear. The bass boost of this earphone is just amazing. It has the bass boost of that of a woofer. You will sometimes get confused if it’s being played in your ear or all around you!

Bottom Line

As they all say, “Music can make you either happy or sad”. I would say your musical world can change your mood according to your choice. The Shure SE535-CL Sound Isolating Earphones with Triple High Definition MicroDrivers can provide that musical world for you anywhere and anytime.

The earphone has the best quality an earphone can have. It has a fit kit to perfectly match your ears. The strong bonding of materials makes it even more durable. For anyone who loves music and looking for quality listening times, this earphone is a masterpiece.

It can fulfill all your musical needs. No matter if you are a guitarist or a music producer, this will provide you intricate details of every type of music. Just follow this Shure SE535 review and order it online from here. Cheers to music!

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