How to Start a Recording Studio at Home?-Details Guide

Many of us desire to start their own recording studio at home. But what stops them always is not having any idea how to start or get confused with necessary and unnecessary costly elements. Are you one of them? If you are then in this article you will get to know what components you need to start your own recording studio at home.

Let’s get started.

Start a Recording Studio at Home- Gears

It’s important to get good gears for a kick start. You should not spend a lot of money at the very beginning. Start with the gears you already have. After a couple of months you will start making money out of that and then start investing in high-quality expensive instruments for better performance. 

Recording Studio at Home

Here what you need to start a recording studio at home below. Have a look.

1. Personal Computer

Computer is the basic and obviously one of the most important instruments of a home studio. You need a computer to mix, add, record, edit and to play your tune. Get a computer or laptop or desktop whatever you prefer. If you already have one, there is no need to get a new one. Just make it work fast.

2. Interface

This is a small box with several ports to connect your musical instrument altogether. One interface can connect your guitar, piano, pc and sound box at a time. When you needed so many ports what could make trouble and tangled cables to mess up your studio an eight or more port interface can do it just like that.

3. Microphone

There are multiple types of microphones but you need to get the best one according to your budget. Microphone plays a great role in recording audios. Only a good mic can get you clear output. To purchase a good one, get professional’s suggestion and make a proper research.

4. Headphones

Many ones don’t buy headphone and prefer playing music loud on speakers every time. But that’s not the appropriate way to compose an error-free tune. You need a good headphone to listen to what you have recorded and find out all the critical errors.

5. Software

There are many software available on various audio workstations that you just have to install and use. Software work outstanding to reach the goal you started your studio for. All the work of mixing and editing and renewing any tune good software is incomparable to any other tool.

6. Microphone Stand

A microphone stand is essential though many people escape this to cut the cost. But the cost is nothing while comparing the job it does. A microphone stand helps to hold mic while playing guitar or other instruments with both the hands. Besides, singing for a long time in one same position a stand can help you hold the mic without any trouble.

7. Pop Filter

It’s a small round instrument attached in front of the mic. Most people don’t know what it actually does and avoids it randomly. But it works great to remove the unwanted sounds that are made while singing. Basically, the breathing sound and sounds like phes and shes are prevented while singing with this pop filter.


Usually, the thought that a home studio setup is very costly comes to every beginner's mind before they start. But that causes only if you get unnecessary costly gears and unplanned setup. The seven items suggested up are enough for a kick start. So, come out of all the crazy opinions and start it your own.

 Hope the article was helpful. Start your own home studio today and rock.

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