How to Store Headphones Without Damaging them?-Follow Up-Step By Step

There are lots of ways to keep your headphone safe from damage. Tangle while wrapping, breakage, using in a wrong way, carelessness and many more reasons are behind the unwanted damage. It’s really irritating to buy new headphones repeatedly after few days. Especially if they are costly.

If you want to get rid of this and store your headphone without damaging them this article is for you. Check out the tricks and tips below.

Tips for Storing Headphones Without Damage

1. Wrap in Proper Way

Tangled headphones are common trouble that causes serious damage. However you wrap, it gets tangled and kills both your patience and time to untie them. But you can solve it out with some tricks. Follow the steps below to wrap your headphone accurately.

The bow wrap: Hold the earbuds and wrap half of the headphone around your four fingers. Remove the oval shaped cable from your finger and wrap the middle crosswise with the other end. It will look like a bow. You are perfectly done with it.

Wrap with your phone: Hold one end of the headphone, wrap it around your phone, iPod or power bank device. Put the other end (the plug) in the middle.

Binder Clip formula: Use a binder clip to wrap your headphone. Put the earbuds inside the clip and wrap around the two arms. Put the other end inside the clip so that it can’t open up.

2. Be aware of the Breakage

Almost everyone has the experience of broken headphones. If you don’t, you are lucky. But not out of this danger zone. Know why your headphone breaks and how to get rid of it just by being a bit more careful.

Pull the jack, not the cable: Don’t pull the cable, however, rush you are in. Hold the plug and pull it out firmly. Most breakage problems are held just because of pulling the cable roughly. 

Don’t leave it plugged in: When you leave your headphone plugged in and keep inside your bag, drawer or pocket the chances of breakage remains 90%. Any kind of outer pressure can damage the plug and hole of your device. 

Use a headphone cover: It’s wise to use a mini box or bag for headphone. The way a phone cover protects our phone a headphones cover saves headphone. Besides, it fixes an exact place to keep after use. 

Don’t keep it in your back-pocket: It’s normal to forget if there is a headphone in your back-pocket and sit anywhere randomly. Ear buds can break into pieces because of the pressure when you sit on it.

3. Clean and Care to Lessen up Damage Chances

Your headphone needs to be cleaned at least once a week. This small instrument has many critical parts that get damaged by dirt and dust. Here are some cleaning tips for you.

Clean with Alcohol: Apply alcohol in a piece of cotton. Hold the cable with that between your pointing fingers and thumb. Rub it well from top to bottom. The dust will be removed.

Nail Paint Remover: Clean your headphone with handkerchief using nail paint remover and get the new look back. 

Water and Hand Sanitizer: Soak cotton into warm water and add some hand sanitizer to it. Don’t get it too wet. Wipe the headphone smoothly.


Headphones are one of the top listed among all our favorite devices. Many of us can’t think of a single day without it. But damaged headphones are the common sufferings to almost everyone. Follow the tips up to keep your headphone damage free and give it a long life.

Hope the article was helpful. Thanks for being with us.


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