Subwoofer Connection Types- Complete Guide

Subwoofer is undoubtedly one of the most effective device for a better and louder sound experience. No matter you’re a music lover or movie freak, a perfect subwoofer can take your sound experience to next level- do a debate on that.

But as you’ve just bought the subwoofer you wanted, you need to install it in a proper way. And as a groundwork on that, you have to consider and know about all the possible connection types in a subwoofer.

Eventually, if you figure them out, you can decide which connection would be the best for your subwoofer and the sound system.

Hold tight, we’re about to explain them all in this article.

Before entering into the core of this article, let me tell you that there are certain parameters that define what direction you’ll take it to.

THere are two sets of subwoofer connection used in homes today-

  1. Single subwoofer sound system.
  2. Multiple(two or more) subwoofer sound systems.

Based on the number, lot of connection variation takes place.

For Single Subwoofers

For people who prefer buying a single subwoofer, often get in confusion about these following factors-

1. Positioning

As you can put the subwoofer in a number of places in the room, each of them will produce different sound quality. So, for the best optional output, you can try a number of positions in the room. But think about these few factors while trying different positions of it-

  • The length of the cable.
  • The position and location of the audience.
  • The safety of the subwoofer in any given position.
  • The amount of reflection that the sound will do from a particular position.
  • And a few more.Finally, one recommendation I can give for you. No matter where you place the subwoofer, make sure that stays somewhere near the wall. This will give you a number of advantages.

2. Connection Type

I’m not telling about the connecting position here at this point. What I am saying is-There are variations in the input cables from the amplifiers and also in the input taking ports in the subwoofer itself. There are two set of combination in this case-- The banana jack combines with female ports in the subwoofer.
- The bare cables combined with the blind posts of the subwoofer.While both of the connecting methods work on many popular models, it’s better to see the manual before you start the connection option.

For Multiple Subwoofers

Now we’ve come to the point of connecting more than one subwoofers to the network of sound in the room. Though the word we’re using is multiple, but in most of the personal uses, we don’t use more than two subwoofers.

However, let’s take it to two subwoofers.

Now as the single subwoofers, there are two parameters of connection- positioning and the connection type. As we’ve discussed the connection type before, we’re not going to repeat it anymore. The reasons behind is, these are almost similar patterns or connection variation.

Let’s have a look at the type of positioning if two subwoofers in a single room-

Types of positions with two different subwoofers

  1. The Front Subs
    In here, both of the subs are placed on the two sides of the TV or projector, and they are directly facing the audience.
  2. The Two Diagonal Subs
    As the name suggests, the diagonal subs come with a diagonal position with each other. The diagonal itself would be across one corner to the opposite corner of the room.
  3. Two Mid-side Wall Subs
    This is another best position to pace two subs. Both of them are placed across the midline of the walls. The walls are of course parallel to each other.
  4. Two MId-front Position
    In this case, the previous two mid-side position will be altered between the pair of walls.

The Bottom Line

In this blog of our site, we’ve got some real good guides on how to connect the subwoofers to the amplifiers and vice versa. You can have a look at there. And about the other types and variations in connection, this guide will be the best guide I believe.

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