Top Biker Songs

We are all stuntmen, every one of us. And the boys especially got a thing for the adventure called motorbike. Come on now! Don’t be shy. Everyone does that. But it is not a good idea to just ride a motorbike and to show out a few stunts. The real fun begins when you got a song near you.

A song goes perfectly with your biker style. The types and lists of music are infinite. And you bikers are lucky to get connected with some biker songs.

Western music is well known especially for these types of songs. Now you people are seriously in trouble. Why is that? It’s because you are unable to choose which biker song will go particularly with you.

You can choose your favorite songs from below. To make it easy for you the links will also be given. Hold your gear. The sound of broom begins now! Get set. Go!

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Top Biker Songs

Sing the song; play the music, who cares? Roll through the list of top biker songs like right now.

1. Freewheel Burning- Judas Priest

Judas Priest

Judas Priest

This thrilling song is only and only for you fellow bikers. You are all bad boys and you will definitely not ride the bike slow. Because you are all born for the heavy works. Yes, you are. If you think that way then this song is definitely for you. Only because life moves faster. Like a wheel. Have a look at this:

2. Ride to live, live to ride- Twisted Sister

Songs like this are the real energy boosters. Still, you talk about as if you need a drink. This song is especially for all the depressed souls. You think you cannot change the past. Well, you are absolutely correct. That does not prove you a loser or anything. Your life is yours. Victory will be yours. Just be patient. And keep going. No I mean, keep riding. Nothing works on you unless you hear this song. Highly recommended.

What, you want the link? Can’t you ask it a little louder?! You definitely need to hear this song. Take this:

3. Motorcycle Man- Saxon

This song is correct. We are all strangers roaming around in the night without any lights. Still, we do not fall back. We keep moving. By the way, this song has all the engine sound that you may want to listen to while riding the motorcycle. You do not want to miss this one. See below:

4. Ballad of Easy Rider- Roger McGuinn

If you love riding the motorbike, then one thing is proved. You earn your freedom. Like a flying bird. Or according to the lyrics of this song, a flowing river. Riding is all about trying to escape from the busy world that cages us like some criminals. If you want to feel a little serene then you are more than welcome to listen to this song. Enjoy!

5. Motorcycle Mama- Neil Young

I feel like asking by bicycle to slow down a bit! Sorry for the bad joke. But I am serious about this song. As long as your bike speeds up, be confident about life as well. They will move and you will never ever make your dreams stop anywhere. Cheers to all the Motorcycle Mamas. Here catch:

6. Midnight Rider- The Allman Brothers

Another inspiring song from none other than The Allman Brothers. No matter what we do, we are always in a hurry. As if we got no other options. We cannot let anything to bring us down. Basically, this is what the song is about. Don't be scared guys. I mean to say that keep fighting for your dreams and rights. You are always up for some double meaning I guess. Fine I will stop blabbering. Here's the link:

7. Bat Out of Hell- Meat Loaf

Without wasting my breath on the meaning of this song let me quote the short summary. Live in your present. There's no future. You sketch your future with your present. You will definitely want to hear it on the road, one of my favorite biker songs. It got me, a non-biker. Waiting for this song to sweep you off your wheels? I am evil. Take my gift:

8. Born To Be Wild- Steppenwolf

I will say nothing. You will listen to it yourself. This song is a killer. Trust me:


Just remember one thing, bikers. Drive safely. All of these songs are inspiring. I hope life will get easier for you out there. Have a nice ride and smooth life ahead!

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