Turtle Beach Recon 50X Gaming Headset Review

Who doesn’t love music?

No matter whether you are waiting at station or on the go, you’re playing music and video games all along.

Turtle Beach - Recon 50X White Stereo Gaming Headset - PS4 - Xbox One
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Turtle Beach - Recon 50X White Stereo Gaming Headset - PS4 - Xbox One
  • Xbox Wireless: Enjoy a direct connection from your headset to your...
  • Crystal Clear Chat: An adjustable, high sensitivity mic picks up your...
  • High Quality 40mm Speakers : Hear every crisp high and thundering low...

But the audio sounds of the game are bothering other people in public places. So you can’t play games with audio at that situations.

Though sometimes you are able to play with audio sound, the surrounding noise disturbs you. All you might need is a premium class gaming headphone that’s top notch at sound but still doesn’t break the bank.

But in 2017, there are many gaming headphones in the market. So, a confusion can arise to choose a better one for you. In that case, this Turtle Beach Recon 50X Review can be very helpful for you.


  • People of any age can handle it.
  • Significantly light weight is helpful for carrying.
  • No battery is required which minimizes cost.
  • Extremely good sound quality makes it preferable to everyone.


  • The on-off switch of the microphone is located on wires.
  • The connection wire is not too large but it can use in a usual range.

For the professional gamerAre you a professional gamer? But your headset isn’t comfortable and you are feeling a great problem with it. Don’t be worried. Turtle Beach - Recon 50X White Stereo Gaming Headset can be a good solution for your problem. It is designed in a comfortable manner.

The person who is fond of video gamesSuppose gaming is your hobby and you are fond of video games. Are you looking for good audio quality of video games? A good headset can maintain good sound quality. So this headset is best for you. I can bet you, its sound quality will impress you.

Those who are conscious about health and safety: Suppose you are playing games with a noticeable time in a day and you are conscious about your health. A question can arise in your mind that, is excessive use of headset harmful for your listening power? Then you can use this product without any doubt. Because it’s sound quality is safe for listening power.

For the person who passes his/her leisure time by playing video games: If you are an occasional gamer and you are playing games to pass your leisure time. Then you obviously need a good sound quality to make your leisure time more enjoyable. In this case, you can choose this product. Because the sound quality of this product is very satisfactory.

Features and Benefits

Lightweight and easy carrying:

Are worried about the weight of your gaming headset? Don’t worry. Turtle Beach Recon 50X gaming headset is very light. The quality of material is used to make this device is very high. And the materials are light also. This lightweight has made this device more demandable.

As it is light in weight, so you can carry it very easily.

Comfortable design for long time use: 

If you are a long time user, then a comfortable gaming headset is must for you. The design of this device is very attractive and comfortable. The ear-cushions are fully wrapped in synthetic leather. You can also fold it flat when not in use.

These special features permit you to use it a long time without any uncomfortable situation.

40 mm speaker producing high-quality sound: 

Suppose, you are more conscious of the audio quality. Then, this gaming headset device is for you. Because this headset has 40 mm sized speakers which produce a good quality sound.

These large, 40mm high-quality speakers deliver you great stereo sound which ensures you hear any crisp high and the thundering low.

Versatile compatibility for different uses: 

Turtle Beach Recon 50X gaming headset is made in such a manner that it can be used for different purposes.This device works great with new Xbox 1 controller with 3.5mm jack, PS4, PS4 Pro and with Mac, PC and tablet/mobile devices with a connection of 3.5 mm.

So, for accomplishing your different purposes, it can be helpful for you.

Crystal clear chat quality:

A high sensitivity, adjustable, mic picks-up make your voice clear and loud and it is portable. So, you can be able to remove it when listening to music or watching movies.

Convenient controlling system provides you easy volume control: 

The control system of this device is very easy. It is designed in such a manner that everyone can control its volume easily. You can raise or down the volume by using your fingertips.

The stylish outlook for smart use: 

You may concern about the stylish outlook of your gaming headset. Then I’ll suggest you Turtle Beach Recon 50X gaming headset. Because it has a gorgeous outlook and the device is stylish by its design, color, size and shape.

So, for a smart use you can prefer it.

Bottom Line

Turtle Beach Recon 50X gaming headset has made a great position in the market by its surprising features. It is light in weight, comfortable, versatile and stylish with good sound quality and easy control system.

Though its on-off switch of the microphone is located on wires and the connection wire is not too large. But if you are an economic user it is best for you. If you are searching for a good gaming headset, then I’ll suggest you go through the Turtle Beach Recon 50X Review. Hope it’ll provide you much valuable information for a better investment.

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