Vsonic VSD1S High-Quality Earphones Review

Through long lasting sturdy frame and crystal clear sound production, Vsonic VSD1S is a perfect earphone to enjoy quality sound. A wider range of frequency response enables you to have the utmost facility to get clean and immerse sound. Apart from that, this one delivers smooth as well as easy operational handling. Therefore, you will receive a superb sound quality for your favorite music.


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    Features dual channel plug of 3.5 mm with 11 mm driver unit.
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    Allows maximum 50 mW of input power with a rated power of 10 mW.
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    Comes with greater frequency responding range of 10 – 20000 Hz.
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    Delivers maximum distortion of 2% having 110 dB of suitable sensitivity.
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    Includes 3 pairs of silicon tips with 3 suitable ranges of S, M, L.
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    Offers 1.3 TPU cable containing silver plated wires with 4 x 20 core.


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    Sound traveling may be observed through the cord.
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    Heavy and intense usage may lessen the durability.

What We Loved Most About this Product?

Advanced Technology Offers Great Sound Quality

A perfect match for the vibrant bass can deliver superior performance to a great extent. Various advanced technology encourages a rather immersive and crisp, cleaner sound. Through common and popular signal technology, the user can have the best sound quality.

Superior Connectivity and Smooth Sound Production

This incredible earphone provides a powerful connectivity for available devices. The connection contains superior conductivity which triggers very smooth sounding. Thus it comes without the least possible lag to deliver crystal clear sound. Therefore, you can have superb sound quality for any audio or videos through smooth connectivity.

Suitable Fitting Designation with Longer Serviceability

Offering a rather lightweight construction of about 3.2 ounces, you will get the utmost facility regarding usage and carriage. The suitable cord-to-earbud angle gives a user-friendly fitting. Being sturdy and resistive to common corrosive and destructive agents. Preventing sweat and tear, this ergonomic earphone offers a versatile sound device.

Suitable for Anywhere at Any Time through Better Compatibility

With convenience compatibility for common as well as popular devices, this one allows you to get a rather wide usage. You will acquire better sound production for all music and videos. Through superior compatibility, this earphone is quite preferable for intense and common usage.


With greater quality outlook, this great earphone comes with modern style as well as pleasant appearance. The black-colored cable and earbuds provide a rather outstanding fitting to your get up. The suitable-shaped cups with appropriate fitting size offer a comfortable wearing to suit your ears.

Providing top class sealed acoustic, you will get almost no interruption while listening to your favorite songs. As a matter of fact, this ergonomic earphone delivers a perfect connection for proper listening. Being coherent with most common devices of Android and Apple, you can connect this one with ease to hear great radio programs.

Not to mention, you can get a suitable facility for easy carriage with storage. Being lightweight, this offers superior comfort which allows you to carry this elegant earphone even in a smaller pocket. Again, the compact and ergonomic design enables you to take care of the knotting cable with ease within little time.


When it is about greater performance with higher quality, you will get no parallel earphones like this one to enjoy the music or radio programs. The ergonomic designation of this quality earphone cups enables quicker and better sound through greater reproduction ability. Along with properly sized earbuds, these ones deliver quite a comfortable wearing and appropriate fitting for the ears.

Even at a lower volume, you can attain the best possible cleanliness for any of your favorite music or other programs. Without the least occurrence of disturbance with distortion, Vsonic VSD1S promises to deliver the greatest tone quality. It also offers better sound quality when you go for watching movies or online videos.

This listening tool is indeed a particular one where quality sound gets to make a contact with incredible serviceability. The combination of all the features of this high-quality earphone offers the greatest possible sound quality. Not to mention, it provides strong as well as clean sound along with all compatible smartphones.


For any quality product, sufficient durability is indeed a considerable issue. Along with any earphone, you have no way to avoid this problem. The material plays a significant role in durability enhancement. And to obtain that, this efficient earphone offers commercial grade materials.

The durability of an earphone depends upon the usage intensity and maintenance facility. This is why you should not go for rough or heavy usage of the earphone. You must use anything with care and therefore, avoid using with devices that are having problems. And again, you should not insert the jack into any smartphone port without care.

For any quality product, maintenance is essential to have the best possible serviceability. You may not wash or clean this earphone, but you may take care of this earphone. Through careful usage and slight maintenance will help you to attain the utmost possibility for the sound with quality assurance.

Highlighted Features:

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    Being 1.3 TPU, this cable is 4 x 20 core. Therefore, it contains higher quality silver plate coating to resist wear and tear.
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    Comes with 1 felt pouch along with silicon tips. There are 3 pairs of silicon tips of different sizes. The size can be S, M, L to attain superior comfort.
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    Features a rather wide frequency range. The system can respond frequency from 10 Hz to 22000 Hz. Provides minimal distortion which doesn’t exceed 2%.
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    Supports greater sensitivity up to 110 dB and a rated impedance of 32 Ohm. It contains a smooth as well as a durable driver having a diameter of 11 mm.

It is true that there are some minor limitations, you will get no matching option regarding its advantages. In fact, you will get the best serviceability that comes with the highest quality at a reasonable price. Through Vsonic VSD1S, you can enjoy the quality assurance for both movies and music.

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