What is Subwoofer?

Long gone those days where we have to rely on the ordinary speakers to fulfill our crave of music. Now in 2018, we have numerous application of technology into speakers, resulting into the invention of woofers.

Woofers are usually those hi-tech speakers that can create a bass-boom musical experience. And subwoofer, which is also our concern right now, is a kind of woofer.

In this definitive guide, we’re going to let you know everything you need to about subwoofers. It covers the definition, types, uses, merits and demerits and all.

So, why wait?

Subwoofers- The Definition

By definition, subwoofers are those kinds of woofer speakers which are master in playing low-frequency sound waves. By low-frequency sound, I mean the bass and treble sounds.

If you’re up to music, you might know that the foundation of a musical composition is based on these low-frequency sounds. They may not be heard to sharp, but while playing, these low-frequency sounds complete the music. That’s also the reason why a bass guitarist is not so loud in the concert but is the fundamentalist of the entire show.

However, let’s not hook up with the technical definitions. Moving forward, we’ll get to know the types of subwoofers-

Types of Subwoofers

I had to face a lot of difficulties to write this section of this article. Because this is something that requires an individual discussion. However, let me summarize the concept of subwoofer classification-

Base on the amplifier housing, there can be two types of subwoofers-

  1. Powered subwoofers: where the subwoofer has its own amplifier.
  2. Passive subwoofers: where it takes connection from an external amplifier.

Bassed on the number of subwoofers, there can be three types-

  1. 1 subwoofer sound system.
  2. Double subwoofer sound system.
  3. Four subwoofer sound system.

Also, based on the place you can use, there are three types of it-

  1. Subwoofers for home theater.
  2. Subwoofer for cars.
  3. Subwoofer for outdoor uses.

Major Features that A Subwoofer Comes with

Behind the massive popularity of subwoofers, there are plenty of reasons from various aspects. Let’s have a look on them-

  1. Supreme Response to The Frequency Calls
    As you know, subwoofers are working between a range of 20-200 Hertz. That’s a excessively low sound frequency to response for usual speakers. Leaving the high-frequency sounds for those, subwoofers play these range of sound and as you know, it plays it too well that boosts up the music immediately.
  2. It’s Own Amplifier
    There are many types of subwoofers as we discussed in the previous section. Some of them(powered/active) have their own amplifier, which is pretty cool. So you don’t have to buy a new amplifier for it. In other types, you have to buy one although.
  3. Versatility in Purpose of Use
    Unlike the other type of speakers, subwoofers have many forms to be used for many purposes. As you know, they have different versions that you can use in home, in outdoor parties or in car. No other forms of speakers come in such versatility in use.

How Can I Make My Subwoofer Experience Better?

Using a subwoofer is one common trend these days. But very few of the users have the idea that their musical experience can be even better than what it is right now.

Anyway, as you’re one of my beloved readers, let’s share the superb tips to make a subwoofer great again-

  1. Always place the subwoofer close to a wall. This makes the reflecting sound waves perfect.
  2. Not only near a wall, try placing the subwoofer in a corner.
  3. When you’re using one in house, try to find out the frontal auditory field and place the subwoofer facing it.
  4. For better experience, try double subwoofer set instead of single ones, specially when you’re using it in a large room.
  5. Don’t compromise with the quality and class of the amplifier of it. Though, inc case of powered subwoofers, there is nothing new to do with it.

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